Blue Time to start....

Time to start....

Well I have been looking for venues and it is not an easy thing to do. We are on a very strict budget of $5-$6k not to include the rings and my dress. I am going to try to do everything myself so I like all of the DIY post that I have seen. I do plan weddings on the side for the last 3 years, but why does it feel that this is my wedding I am nervous. Brides help me out. I think I may hire a planner.
nevaeh's Black wedding
 |  Brick, NJ, USA  |  07/19/2009  | 
Of course you feel nervous..it's your wedding now! Totally different from planning someone else's now it's all you.

I recently posted a complete DIY pocketfold invitation "how to" on my blog.  It's one way to get that look for less.  But would require time.

You'll find a venue just keep looking.

and if you need to hire a planner...have no shame - go for it if it fits in the budget.
westkar's Blue wedding
 |  Central district, 00, Hong kong  |  07/20/2009  | 
If you have been planning wedding for the past 3 years then you can definitely plan and execute yours.  Yes you are a little nervous, But you can do it. Develop your plan, and take your time, it will all come together.
I would consider hiring a day of the wedding coordinator, just to bring everything together so that you will not be stressed on your wedding day.
futuremrsdennis's Blue wedding
 |  Indianapolis, IN, USA  |  07/20/2009  | 
Westkar, that is exactly what I was thinking about doing and I found a coordinator on Craiglist for $200 for the reherssal and the day of service. They will also review my contracts and other things as well. They have over 25 yrs of experience.
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