Aug 21, 2009

So today we went to go and look at places to have the wedding reception and or wedding. Well after viewing two places in my hometown we decided to do the Paramount Theatre. The auditorium really doesn't need to much decor, but of course we will have the stage done up really nice. I wonder how long of an isle runner I will need. Tell me what you guys think. I am in love.
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paramount 1- The ceiling is like night time in Venice
paramount 2- This is when we will make a vows known to the world.
paramount 3- Our name will be up in lights.
paramount 4- Another lovely view.
paramount 5- The ballroom.
lagaylemarie's Black wedding
Oceanside, CA, USA
Wow! what a cool place to get married, its really beautiful, very cool
Congratulations and Happy Planning!

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