Nov 13, 2009

Since I was unable to get people to man up to what exactly they were going to contribute I took matters into my own hands. A friend of mine had just gotten married and the place where she got married allows you to bring your own food & alcohol. It is only $450 to rent and come with rectangular table and the ugly folding chairs. They have a kitchen that you can use for $75 and since we are serving alcohol have to pay $50 for one of their staff to be there and $50 for an alcohol & beer permit. The lady recommended a place to me that rented table and chairs. They are so reason able the things look nice. The chairs are $1 ea & the tables are $6.60 ea. These makes me then have to really revamp something’s, but I think that I am on the right path. Maybe staying within $5k-$6k is possible. Which me luck.

Oh and now I got to possible find a church. My church has just gotten a new pastor & he said that he doesn't want any secular music to be played according to my cousin. So even if it is a wedding song by Kelly Price, because its not gospel it can't be played. I told my mom to ask to be sure, if so then I am off to look for a church.
I've been gone due to being sick and then my daughters had "trench mouth". I will be having surgery Mon for my pancreatic issues so keep me in your prayers.
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's  wedding
Dallas, TX, USA
Oh poor baby I hope you are feeling better soon.Nice to meet you i dont know why Ive never seen you blog before.Get well you and your girls and keep us posted .God Bless

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