This is futuremrsf's Pink Wedding!

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My wedding hair
My wedding hair
Wedding Hair Style
Close up
Picture of my wedding hair to give you ladies more ideas...
Pink Rehearsal Dinner Pictures
Giving our thank you speech
Pink Rehearsal Dinner PicturesPink Rehearsal Dinner PicturesPink Rehearsal Dinner PicturesPink Rehearsal Dinner PicturesPink Rehearsal Dinner PicturesGiving our thank you speech
Rehearsal Dinner
Our rehearsal dinner was amazing. It was put on by Mike's family and they did an excellent job. We had flower centerpieces, awesome food (Damon's catered chicken breasts and ribs) and a tent (just in case it rained). Everyone had so much fun!
Cutting the cake
Hiding from Mike
Unity Candle
Mr. and Mrs. F.
First Dance
Me and a friend
Cutting the cake
Escort cards, favors and photo sharing cards
Hiding from MikeUnity CandleMr. and Mrs. F.First DanceCenterpiecesMe and a friendCutting the cakeCupcakes!Escort cards, favors and photo sharing cards
I'm married!
Non-professional Pictures
It was such a good day. The weather cooperated and almost everyone got up and danced at the reception. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding! I posted some non-professional pictures and will post the professional pictures when I finally get them back.

We are off to the Caribbean next weekend for our honeymoon! So excited!
Escort Card
Escort Card
Some of the programs
Program close up
Inside of the program
Table Numbers
Escort CardSome of the programsProgram close upInside of the programTable Numbers
DIY Wedding
Escort Cards, Programs and Table Numbers
I've been working hard on finishing up the programs and escort cards. All of the programs are finished now and all I have to do with the escort cards is add the flower to the corner. I purchased the table numbers from Things Festive online They were cheap and I think they will go well with my tall centerpieces.

I got the programs printed on card stock at Kinkos and then added ribbon I bought at Michael's. I bought the escort cards from Things Festive online and the flowers from Michael's.

I can't believe I am getting married next week!
FH wedding gift
FH wedding gift
Groom Gift
Pocket watch
I purchased my FH's wedding gift today. One more thing to check off the list! I bought him a three dial blue pocket watch from Things Remembered. I got the front and back of the watch engraved. The front says "My heart is yours until the end of time. Love, Anna 6.26.10." The back is a monogram of his initials. I also put his initials on the presentation box that comes with it.

If anyone is planning on making a purchase through Things Remembered I found a coupon code to save you 20% off an order of $100 or more. Just enter 2833 at checkout.
Pink Countdown 1 MONTH!!
OOT thank you note
GM gift outside of box
GM gift outside of box
Inside of box
Usher gift front
Usher gift back
Pink Countdown 1 MONTH!!OOT thank you noteGM gift outside of boxGM gift outside of boxInside of boxUsher gift frontUsher gift back
I can't believe I am only 1 month away from getting married! When I got engaged back in December of 2008 the wedding seemed so far away and not we are down to the wire. RSVPs were due today and we have received most of them back. My family and I will only have to call a hand full of people, so I am relieved. Today I finished the OOT thank you notes, which we will put in the bags I am going to leave in each of the guest hotel rooms. FMIL is taking care of the bags, but she thought I should make the thank yous to add a personal touch. I believe she is putting things like a bottle of wine, popcorn, water bottles, fruit, a visitor guide and a few other things in the bags.

Last weekend we purchased our groomsmen and usher gifts. We got them at a local woodcarving store. We got our GMs money clip knives and our ushers money clips. We will also be getting them a small gift card. The only thing left to buy is my FH's gift and our father's thank you gifts...and I have no idea what to buy for any of them.

Next weekend I have my first dress fitting and second (and final) bridal shower. I will also be applying for our marriage license. :)
Pink Something Old My grandma's wedding dress
Pink Something Old My grandma's wedding dressPink Something Old My grandma's wedding dress
Something Old
My grandma's wedding dress
Before I started cutting up my grandma's wedding dress (I'm going to use a few pieces of it as my bouquet wrap and my "something old"), my grandma wanted me to try on her dress. It was so funny! It fit me perfectly, but it was so itchy, because it was so old and the lace was all dry and rotted. It is over 55 years old!!
Cake table set up
Cake table set up
Cake table set up close up
Table set up
Fiance came to help with the gifts
All of our gifts
Cake table set upCake table set up close upTable set upFiance came to help with the giftsAll of our gifts
Bridal Shower
First one
I had my first bridal shower this past weekend! It was so much fun! I got a ton of great gifts, had some great chocolate cake and got to hang out with a lot of family I hadn't seen in awhile.

My next shower is in about 2 weeks...can't wait!
MIL gift
MIL gift
My mother's gift
Step-mother gift
MIL giftMy mother's giftStep-mother gift
Mother's Gifts
Ordered them all from Things Remembered. The two some what matching ones are for our mothers and the other one is for my step-mom. We will include this poem in the box:

To Our Mother

Two hearts are joined today,
two families are too.
So to remember this moment,
we chose this necklace for you.
The three birthstones show
how you made room in your heart,
for a new daughter/son-in-law
right from the start.
Thank you for your acceptance,
your encouragement and love.
Having you here today
is a blessing from above.

We love you!
Pink Wedding Reception Napkins
Wedding Reception
Ordered these off of They are in the berry color with white lettering. I plan on putting these at the cupcake table and the extras will go to the bar.


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