Sep 29, 2010

I am on a very tight budget of about $3,000.00 and am expecting between 100-150 guests. Luckily, my sister married a couple years ago and we still have a ton of decorations from her wedding! My planning time will be smack dab in the middle of hunting season, so I will have PLENTY of time, and the whole house, all to myself to project, plan, and DIY!!! I love to see how creative I can be and am no stranger to do-it-yourself projects, so I'm really excited to share my ideas with other brides in my budget pickle....

Currently, I have our Church Hall reserved (not booked, yet!) for the reception. We have use of the building and everything in it, including a full kitchen and grills oustide. This will be great if we decide to DIY the banquet reception meal. However, the tables and (ESPECIALLY) the rusty old fold out chairs will need to be covered. Renting linens will be a large added expense to the already $200 rental fee for the Hall. Some caterers in our area also include linens and chair covers/sashes in thier prices, so I am looking into whether or not a caterer would be more cost efficient. I've also been exploring the option of having the reception at a hotel, plantation, or other venue.

Any ideas on what ya'll have done to cut back on budget? I'm wanting a reception atmosphere that is relaxed and elegant, but not so far as "black-tie". My primary lighting to set the mood will be lots of twinkle (ok, Christmas!) lights and candles.
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Valdosta, GA, USA
I know you can make it all work! My budget is in the same ballpark and I'm checking out everything to make sure I have the best deal. Good Luck!

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