Feb 11, 2010

So i am definitely a little bit of an offbeat bride... I have a little bit of a punk rock/ Rockabilly style when it comes to real life. I love nothing better on off days than Concert tee's faded Jeans & either some Converse or Ed Hardy Kicks!

I have toned down so much of my style to be more "traditional" for my wedding & while I like it I felt like I was selling out a little bit to fit in better with the norm. I always knew from the start that I wanted Purple Wedding Shoes.... So while shoe shopping with my fiance there they were... they were calling my name on the end cap and the only pair in my size. I try them on strut around the store for a little bit and then go back with shoe box behind back and say... Baby I found my purple wedding shoes.... now i fully expected him to laugh at me or think I was joking... But he said ... they are so you baby they are gonna be perfect! I was like really? You know when i showed my mom i fully expected her to say .... Are you crazy but she said ... they are definitely you....
So here is my perfect purple wedding shoes :P

It is gonna be so hard not to wear them before the wedding!

Is there any other Converse Brides out there? Any other brides out there with a Rocker style? how are you keeping true to yourself in your wedding?
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My purple Converse
oldiva's Purple wedding
Long beach, CA, USA
I dont have a rocker style but I am def changing in to a pair of chucks for my reception! I want to be confortable... :-)
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Harvey, IL, USA
I am!!! I wanted purple but I wear the black so much more often. My kids will be changing into theirs as well :)
fallinlove's Chocolate wedding
Indianapolis, IN, USA
oh how cool, i love it. I wish I was doing this!!
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
Fremont, CA, USA
I absolutely love that you are gonna be true to you!!  That is the only way to do it..is to do it YOU style!!  I don't have a rocker style, but I do relate to the you wanting to just be you style:)

I am going to be wearing pink vans under my wedding dress and my hubby will be wearing his Jordans.  My mom has had words against this, but I looOove it! (hee hee)  I am jeans and tees girl just like you, but even though I love shoes period..I feel so me in my sneaks!
blackbird82's Red wedding
Amenia, NY, USA
A friend of mine, the groom, did that. He had them ordered and on the back, had their wedding date written on them. They came out great!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
I gotta get me a pair of those purple converse. I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl as well :)
drea4306's Green wedding
Norman, OK, USA
im not but my sister is. she is wearing black ones.
queensgirlbride's Purple wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
I'm wearing purple heels and changing into mu custom Frida Khalol Converse sneakers for the reception!

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