Sep 29, 2009

As some of you already know, I am an event planner. As well as a student and a wedding consultant at a very well know bridal shop. As I am planning my wedding and the other events I have under my belt, I am trying to collect my best tips. My hope is to one day have all of my tips collected into a book to sell to brides who want a well-organized stress-free planning process.

In order to start collecting these things I have started a blog. It is just on one of the free blog sites, so its nothing official. Once I get my event planning site up and running, I will hopefully link the blog to its own page. I just thought if there was any audience out there that MIGHT check it out- you girls would be it. Let me know what you think!

The blog is called "every day bride"

the link to it is:

If you have any tips or anything, let me know! If I had an active enough crowd I would love to do a feature tip every week or so from one of you guys! :)
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kalachris2003's Pink wedding
Richmond, IN, USA
thanks!  great tips and advice!

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