Jun 28, 2009

So, Larry and I went in to Tiffany & Company the other day to check out some of their new line in person (some BEAUTIFUL new additions!) and I grabbed the PERFECT helper!

Although a Tiffany & Co. box that I have had stashed in my purse is doing wonderful for color matching, It tends to get a bit bulky, and it is getting a little dirty! :(

BUT GUESS WHAT I FOUND! The Tiffany & Co. fragrance cards have TIFFANY BLUE ON THEM!!! :) Only slightly bigger than a business card, they are great for just stashing in your purse and having handy to give to friends/family that are helping you plan!!

So, to all you T&C brides out there, swing by your local store and grab some! Don't forget to spritz them with your favorite fragrance- it makes the perfect pocket book sachet as well! ;)
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ladybugg's Blue wedding
Fragrance cards? That must be new. I'm so jealous

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