Aug 5, 2011

Today our RSVP's are due and I am SOOO excited. We only have about 5 people who have not responded (who we expected we'd have to call any way).

With some of the declines we got we were able to invite a few more friends to the dinner which was nice. They were more than happy to accept the offer and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.
I am very pleased. We invited about 216 to the dinner and only 175 are attending- which is great.... we are able to cut decorator costs (chiar covers, sparkle cuffs, napkins- even cut a whole table or two!).
Also, my parents are pretty happyw ith this too- as they are paying for the dinner.

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glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
How exciting :-) 175 guest is still a good number.

*It's always nice to save money :-)
soon2bekatieg's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Yayyyyyy! 5 people is no problemo!
21 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys
laurie88's Orange wedding
Westminster, MD, USA
awww, that IS exciting!!!! I was so excited when RSVP'S started coming in!!!
live2sing's Blue wedding
Port elgin, ON, Canada
Thats great Ashley!!!..still quite a few guests :)  I am so excited to just start making my invites! haha
soontobemrsmccaleb's Black wedding
Veneta, OR, USA
Yay!! That is awesome!! have like 20 outstanding but they are all people I knew I would have to call too!!! So happy for you!
princesni's Pink wedding
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
wow that is awesome! its always nice to have extra cash!! wow 20 days! so close whoooppeee!!!

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