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RSVP's are DUE!

Today our RSVP's are due and I am SOOO excited. We only have about 5 people who have not responded (who we expected we'd have to call any way).

With some of the declines we got we were able to invite a few more friends to the dinner which was nice. They were more than happy to accept the offer and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.
I am very pleased. We invited about 216 to the dinner and only 175 are attending- which is great.... we are able to cut decorator costs (chiar covers, sparkle cuffs, napkins- even cut a whole table or two!).
Also, my parents are pretty happyw ith this too- as they are paying for the dinner.

glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  08/05/2011  | 
How exciting :-) 175 guest is still a good number.

*It's always nice to save money :-)
soon2bekatieg's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  08/05/2011  | 
Yayyyyyy! 5 people is no problemo!
21 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  08/05/2011  | 
awww, that IS exciting!!!! I was so excited when RSVP'S started coming in!!!
live2sing's Blue wedding
 |  Port elgin, ON, Canada  |  08/05/2011  | 
Thats great Ashley!!!..still quite a few guests :)  I am so excited to just start making my invites! haha
soontobemrsmccaleb's Black wedding
 |  Veneta, OR, USA  |  08/06/2011  | 
Yay!! That is awesome!! have like 20 outstanding but they are all people I knew I would have to call too!!! So happy for you!
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  08/08/2011  | 
wow that is awesome! its always nice to have extra cash!! wow 20 days! so close whoooppeee!!!
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