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Blue and....? Color Dilemma

So I just commented on someone's page about their colors, and realized I haven't even decided on my own, lol.
I am torn (as usual) between blue (like a pool blue) and (hot) pink, and blue and (pastel) yellow.
Unfortunately, I'm at work, so I can't upload pictures here due to stupid restrictions. :(
So i listed the links below, hopefully they'll work.
Please let me know what you think, or if you have any better ideas to go with a pool or cornflower blue...

Blue & Yellow...

Blue & Pink...
sbbride's Blue wedding
 |  Santa barbara, CA, USA  |  06/10/2009  | 
I really like the blue and yellow combination. I think pool colored bridesmaid dresses with bold yellow bouquets would look amazing! It's a very springy color pallete.
sbbride's Blue wedding
 |  Santa barbara, CA, USA  |  06/10/2009  | 
although, if you check out my blog, I love pink. I started out with pool and hot pink, but after spending time at davids bridal checking out the dresses I fell in love with my navy blue.
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Fairfax, VA, USA  |  06/10/2009  | 
i like the blue and yellow.  It's very springy....blue and pink together remind me of a babyshower...(blue for a boy and pink for a girl)...lol  They both look good, so really it's just a preference of what colors you like best.
light1882's Orange wedding
 |  Mission, KS, USA  |  06/11/2009  | 
I vote blue and yellow - but I'm not a pink girl at all.
mrsorduna's Green wedding
 |  Granite quarry, NC, USA  |  07/31/2009  | 
Hi, I'm from the Spartanburg area as well & was curious to see about your reception venue.... Email me back if you can. Hope you decided on wedding colors--I agree with the blue & yellow! :o)
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