Sep 5, 2008

When I bought the wishing jar I had plans on putting the ribbon around the vase....I taped it temporarily just because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it exactly. But I don't really know the best way to attach it! Do I use superglue? Hot glue gun? What is actually going to stick to the glass? Help!
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Black Attaching ribbon to glass vase Okay! I'm just realizing now that I don't really know the best way to do this
eponine923's Green wedding
Lancaster, PA, USA
ok. Good Housekeeping says to use double sided tape. I wouldn't think that would be strong enough, but ya never know. I also saw somewhere to use Eileen's Tacky glue & to overlap the ribbons about an inch for a seamless look. hope this helps! Have you been to They have some great projects on there & probably tell you exactly how to do the ribbon vase. Good luck!
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The best thing to do, would be to wrap the ribbon around the vase, put a dab of hot glue on the ribbon, and press the other end of the ribbon onto it. Make sure it is tight enough around the vase, so it doesn't slide down the vase, that way you don't even have to glue it to the vase, the ends of the ribbons are glued to each other.
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Plano, TX, USA
I used hot glue when I put the ribbon on my candy buffet jars/vases. This way when you are done with the wedding and want to use the vase for something else the glue will peel right off. I tried using double sided tape before and it left a sticky film on vases, which is not impossible to get off, but a little more work.
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Edinburg, VA, USA
I have some glue tape which works really well! I got mine at walmart and it was pretty cheap. It comes in a dispenser kinda like the white out tape they have. Good luck....!
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New castle, DE, USA
double sided tape actually works pretty well.  i used it last night to tape ribbons in place down the front of my cookie jars.  i would use pretty small pieces though so that it is not that noticible through the clear glass.
rieshannon1's Pink wedding
Yuma, AZ, USA
I used a hotglue gun on my glass projects, but noticed that the glue dries really fast so only do a section at a time!
daniellexoxo's Purple wedding
Kingston, ON, Canada
Glue Dot's work really well

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