Dec 16, 2009

Thanks to gratefulbride who posted this great find on ebay from the seller Trotter06. I emailed her how many bags, what color & names with my address and got them within a week without even paying! I emailed her asap to say thank you and to make sure I could pay her. Ladies this is an amazing deal, I got 7 bags all embroidered for $35.00. I asked her and she's also able to do tank bridesmaid gift take care of!

I finally was able to get the bows on all of them and make the "will you?" cards. I've decided to make this part of all their xmas gifts so they will be super surprised. Can't wait to send them off.
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The bags!
The cards!
Orange Bridesmaids Tote Bags!!!!
mrspartlow's Blue wedding
Smyrna, GA, USA
The bags are great.  Can you tell me who you got them from on ebay?
futuremrssanchez's Orange wedding
Hollywood, FL, USA

That is the ladies store. I emailed her personally to place my order.
msdarlene's Purple wedding
New orleans, LA, USA
I love it

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Purple Bridesmaids Bracelets I found on for $1.42 each!!!!
These are just one of the 7 items I have purchased for my bridesmaids. I bought 7 of these for $9.