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I have been planning on having a candy buffet and already have the jars but now i'm wondering and have a question for brides who had the candy buffet. Was it worth it? (loads of candy is expensive) did guests enjoy it? comment on it? etc?
itsmedmh's Pink wedding
 |  Bloomington, IN, USA  |  08/18/2009  | 
we had a candy buffet and i wouldn't change it if i could. people loved it and talked about how different it was (in our area at least). however, i intended for it to be something they got right before they left for the evening but that didn't work. people went straight to it as soon as they walked in. also, if you have a lot of children coming, they're parents may let them run back and forth as many times as they want. i didn't have a problem with them being hyper, that's how kids are anyway. i just was upset that some of our (adult) guests may have not gotten their share. in the end, it worked out wonderfully!
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
 |  Pineville, LA, USA  |  08/18/2009  | 
if those are your jars in the 2nd pic, i love them!
futuremrssmith's Pink wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  08/18/2009  | 
yep those are mine, got them from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off! woohoo
dirtndiamonds's Black wedding
 |  Fort scott, KS, USA  |  09/09/2009  | 
I had these questions/doubts, too. The candy is so expensive and I wanted it to be worth it. I've been checking out thrift stores everywhere I go for jars, etc.. .and have had some great luck finding things at a great price, but my candy will end up costing so much more than the jars. lol. I plan to have things like fudge and cheesecake balls and tartlets, too, so I'm hoping it all fits together fine and doesn't look TOO crowded. Anyway. Just my ramblings.
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