Pink Wedding Photography Boudoir...trying to book ASAP

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Boudoir...trying to book ASAP

I emailed another photographer this morning to book my boudoir photos. FH got on here and figured out what I wanted to do, so it's not a surprise anymore. I was so disappointed! I'm trying to book with the photographer I originally wanted. The photographer I had to fire a while ago was going to do it for me as part of my photography package, but that didn't work out. I'm going to book Sylvia Hagar. She charges $200 for two hours, digital retouching and all photos. That's not so bad. I really just want to get this part over with! I was going to try to lose some weight first, but HA! That didn't happen! If anyone is in Georgia and is looking for a photographer look her up at www.southsidesyl.com. Wish me luck ladies! I really hope we can do this before the wedding!

I booked her! Woo-Hoo! Getting my pictures done Friday after work! I'm so excited!
honeybee's Purple wedding
 |  Florence, MS, USA  |  10/06/2009  | 
Risque! Good luck girl. I'm too self conscious to do it.
ambernadam09's Black wedding
 |  Chesapeake, VA, USA  |  10/06/2009  | 
Dont worry about trying to loose weight. A good photographer can make you look awesome using lighting. You don't look like you would have much to worry about but, they say you are your worst critic. Trust me, I'm a PLUS size girl but my photos turned out amazing and my husband loved them! A couple of them are posted on my page if you wanna check them out.
soon2bmrsgladden's Blue wedding
 |  Mableton, GA, USA  |  10/06/2009  | 
i just noticed your a ga bride too : )
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  10/06/2009  | 
hume1989's Chocolate wedding
 |  USA  |  10/19/2009  | 
i have a dumb question... :)
what are the boudoir photos for.. i've never even heard of that! :)
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Hi ladies!!! I missed you all so much!!! I have been so busy since we got back from the honeymoon...
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