Feb 3, 2011

I just wanted to see who is going to be going on their honeymoon through Sandals? My fiance and I have been looking on the website to kinda see how it works & right now they are having a really good sale. Not really sure how long the sale is going to last.

If you are, Where are you going?

How long are you staying?

How much?
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's  wedding
Columbus, OH, USA
We are going to st. lucia and we are going to stay at sandals. A girl I worked with went to the same place for her honeymoon and she said it was amazing. I booked about a month ago and the special was going on then. they said they are not sure when it will end but it is a great deal. I booked for only $400.00
We are staying for 7 nights. i didn't book our flight with them, I wanted to see if I could found it cheaper.
Good Luck
laurie88's Orange wedding
Sykesville, MD, USA
We are going to St.Lucia too! Staying at the Grande. I have never been to a Sandals resort before but I've heard GREAT things from my best friend that has been twice.

The thing with Sandals specials is, they are pretty much always running one. Don't believe the 2 hours left sales the run, sometimes they run 55% off and others they offer 2 free nights but really rack up the nightly rate so they are still making the same amount of money.

I know Emerald Bay is running some particularity good specials right now because it's the newest Sandals resort.

We also set up a Sandals registry and mom is letting all my guests know we could really use all the help with our honeymoon that we can get because we are dropping a lot of money on the wedding with no help.

I like Renea didn't book a flight through Sandals.Want to see if I can find one cheaper.

I say go for Sandals!!!
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Fayetteville, GA, USA
Of course my wedding was well over a year ago now...just lurking still some. :) We went to Sandals Montego Bay for around $1500 for a week including air fair. I didn't particularly care for it though. There wasn't much to do after 9 pm. It's like everything on the resort just stopped at night. Not to mention the locals who can legally walk the beach on the resort if they are touching water, so they harrass you and try to sell you all sorts of junk you don't really want. It was a daily fight with those guys. I'm not sure if the other resorts are better, but Montego Bay was a major let down.
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Decatur, GA, USA
I'm going to Sandal Royal Caribbean in Jamaica for 7 days and 6 nights. I'm not booking my flight through them though. We chose the Royal Honeymoon Suite with a Butler, so my price is a little high. We did get 65% off and a night for free. We booked ours about 2 weeks ago.

*You can look at my blog for more information.
jennalee333's Purple wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
We are going to Sandals Grande St.Lucia from July 14-23.  I hope its amazing - it's so hard to tell because I've read many positive and negative reviews.  It isn't cheap but I'm sure we'll make it great!
's  wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
To me it seems like the sale is pretty constant. We decided to stay in Jamaica with them. I started looking back in August, booked in November, and the sale is still pretty much the same. 1-2 free nights plus about $100 spa credit. There only thing that changed was their offer for free companion airfare. If you can wait until you can get all 3 that may be the best option. I'm trying to price airfare now, and its close to 400pp to fly there. Ugh
aimee114's Pink wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
We stayed at the Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and it was FABULOUS ... we got an amazing deal $1,300.00 each plus a $250 credit spa. There were so many restaurants, great food, lots of couples our ages, and so many activites! The thing I liked a lot is that they pay their staff more than many resorts and there is a strict NO tipping policy. It was nice because people weren't pestering you or expecting money from you - they were all so helpful and friendly because they just wanted to be! We loved everything about it :)
calan11's Purple wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
We are staying at Sandals in Varadero, Cuba. We are going for 1 week & we got a great deal!
bosslady19's White wedding
Toledo, OH, USA
we are having a destination wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We are staying for 7 days an it was $400 down to hold the special. I went through a travel agent who works specifically with sandals. www.allinclusiveconnections.com. Our special was 7 nights for the price of 5 with a $250 spa credit
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
Pineville, LA, USA
Thanks everyone! You girls are so helpful :)

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