Jul 1, 2009

Mr. T's father is coming in to town for a week. He will be here tomorrow. Usually this isn't a problem because we have a spare bedroom....but not anymore!!!!!!

Our spare bedroom has been turned in to the wedding room. I have 6 HUGE totes of flower arrangements (the long totes you store Christmas trees in), candles, centerpieces, supplies, wine glasses, cases of wine ect ect all stacked in that room. You cannot even see the bed! So now I'm trying to clear some room in the office and transfer ALL the stuff from the craft room in to the office. AUGHHH this is such a pain in the arse!

Not only do I have to completely move everything in that room...but I also have to finish cleaning the entire house...good lord he will be here tomorrow....guess that means i need to get off of the internet lol.
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lauren52210's Green wedding
Hobart, IN, USA
Ohhh.... GOOD LUCK!!
labrumwedding's Black wedding
Sherman oaks, CA, USA
Aww I'm sorry love....wish I could help....don't worry...you'll get it all done!!!  Just put some upbeat music on and get to gettin!!!  =)  It'll help you work faster... =) XOXOXO
nevaeh's Black wedding
Brick, NJ, USA
I have faith in you.  Hang in there and it will get done!!
futuresmrst's Black wedding
Well, I got the grass cut (it looked like a rain forest)
kitchen cleaned...

still procrastinating on moving a lot of the big stuff out of the room...I'll wait till Mr. T gets home so he can move it lol.

Time to do laundry....it never ends!
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
I'm seriously getting a storage unit!!  I know I've seen brides joke about this before, but I seriously have to cause our spare bedroom is filled up to the ceiling right now and that's the room that my parents will be sleeping in when they come down for our wedding in August!!  So yeah...I don't have much time to get a move on it, but I'm gonna be calling around for the cheapest and closest storage unit I can find this weekend!!  I only need it for about a month or so (maybe a little more), just until my parents go back home then I'll be selling pretty much everything, and whatever doesn't sell immediately I can at least move back into the spare bedroom!! lol
's  wedding
I had a wonderful climate controlled storage unit at the storage place right at hwy 90 and dematropolis. I remember they had really great rates so you might want to check it out.
futuresmrst's Black wedding
aughhh my back messed up AGAIN yesterday so I never got to finish cleaning out the room. SO here I am in pain, its also that "time" and I'm trying to rush around getting the room ready for his dad to get here in a couple hours.

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