Jun 13, 2009

This Wednesday. Take pictures of everything you need to get rid of...maybe something that can be used as wedding related that you just have laying around the house or stuff you bought and have extra that you aren't going to use for your wedding. List everything in ONE post with your pictures this coming Wednesday. We'll have one BIG WBC websale! This way if other brides are needing something we are helping each other out while we get rid of stuff we really dont need anyway!

Make sure to put Market Place as the subject selection so we can all find your post!

Leave a comment if you want to join in the bridal web sale!
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westkar's Blue wedding
Central district, 00, Hong kong
Great Idea.  Count me in.
futuresmrst's Black wedding
wooo whoo so we have me and you lol...hopefully some more brides will see the message tomorrow and join in! I have some damask things that i was going to use but honestly dont need....along with a lot of other things lol
texasbride2010's Black wedding
Farmington, NM, USA
futuresmrst..I know you've become a pro at selling stuff on the marektplace and etsy..do you have people pay you through paypal or another method? I guess my question is, if you list stuff on marketplace, how do you make sure you get paid for the stuff you send the other brides?
itsmedmh's Pink wedding
Bloomington, IN, USA
hey, i'm in. i don't know if i have much. i have some things from our luau shower that i just couldn't throw away. i'll take a look around. great idiea!
futuresmrst's Black wedding
Here is what happens when you sell something through market place or anywhere else....

Buyer contacts you and says "hey, I want such and such item"
You go to paypal, click request payment, then click the invoice option. You send the buyer an invoice including shipping and the cost of the item. They then check their mail and pay the invoice through paypal which the money then goes in to your paypal account.

Once the money is in your paypal account you can withdraw the money. Paypal then transfers the money in to your own personal bank account.
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Me tooo! Me tooo!  Count me in...I've been doing this for the past week, but it sounds like fun....I love those cars on the picture...I want one...

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