May 2, 2009

I would honestly feel guilty asking any of my girls to help. My MOH has three children and bless her heart she deals enough with me griping about wedding stuff all the time...I know she will read this but sorry honey....I AM NOT GOING TO ASK FOR YOUR HELP! lol. Two BM's are in school and one of the two are pregnant and they both live over an hour away. Another BM lives out of state, one works full time and has two children, and one is a Police Officer and works strange hours. My FH has offered to help and he is fine with things like wood working and such....just not wedding related crafts lol.

Here are my DIY projects that either need to be started or need to be finished

* changed it from 120 to 200 fleur de lis votive holders and only have about 30 of them done :( NOT FINISHED

* I have to finish around 12 more peony arrangements for the pews. NOT FINISHED

*Wrap poles on the topiaries and fix them in to their bowls. NOT STARTED

*Make save the date cards. NOT STARTED

*Paint 92 picture frames. NOT STARTED

*Make 170 crystal picks..I have around 70 made. NOT FINISHED

*Make 20 photo frame boxes for centerpieces. NOT STARTED

*Make my bouquet and the bouquets for all 8 of my girls. NOT STARTED

*Print my invitations. NOT STARTED

*Make my guest book. NOT STARTED

*Print all the pictures for the photo frame box centerpieces. NOT STARTED

*Make floral arrangement for gift table. NOT STARTED

*Make hat for my crazy hat bridal shower. NOT STARTED.

good lord the list keeps going...
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younglove's Yellow wedding
Victoria, BC, Canada
Big hugs! You'll get it done, just plug away a little at a time :)
futuresmrst's Black wedding
Thanks! It just seems like as soon as I get one DIY project done two more appear out of nowhere.
bugchick0's Purple wedding
Chesapeake, VA, USA
Quit blogging and get your stuff done!! LOL I'm just kidding.  Take it one day at a time.  You might think that 8 months isn't long but honey that's really forever.  If you make yourself a schedule of when you want each project completed by (and be realistic with it), you will stop feeling so over-whelmed.  Do a little every day and you'll be done before you know it.  I never thought I would get all my DIY projects done but most of them are done and I only have a little more to do and I still have 40-some days left.  Don't give yourself unneccesary stress.  You'll get it all done.
sunshine112109's Green wedding
Jonesboro, GA, USA
Where did you get your crystals from.?

I feel you about the DIY projects. I live out of state so I can't ask for help and I have a million projects to do.
futuresmrst's Black wedding
They are just acrrylic beads for jewelry making but they sparkle really well. You can buy them at any craft store.

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