Wedding Cake
Feb 9, 2009

An unusual wedding cake

We both fell in love with this cake the first time we saw it. No topper will be used.
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kristi's Blue wedding
Bay city, MI, USA
How FUN is that?!?!  I have a pic of one with spiky rice-paper edges that's kind of similar, but this one looks like all frosting and MAN do I want THAT!  Like NOW!
futuresmrst's Black wedding
it's a merengue (sp?) icing and soooo different. I love it! We like some things traditional but wanted something interesting for the wedding cake.
darlingdreams's Green wedding
Maryville, TN, USA
This cake is brilliant!  I've always joked that we would have a
    super-sized pie for our wedding and sling pie filling at each
    other.  Now I'm really thinking about a unique wedding cake  
     like this one.
futuresmrst's Black wedding
I'm just so tired of the normal wedding cakes!

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