Bad News

Well I found out today that my baby sister that I'm super close to, will be deployed in March. She is being sent Africa. :( I'm trying hard not to bawl my eyes out. I knew it was a possibility. Originally it was rumored that she would be deployed around November and that meant she would make it back in time. Now she won't. She actually has orders this time. The only thing we can hope for is that she is able to take leave in June for the wedding. Or change the date of the wedding. Wanting to cry harder now.
She says we can skype, but I know its not the same. She doesnt want us to change anything.
justmeandhim's Purple wedding
 |  Glendale, AZ, USA  |  08/11/2011  | 
So sorry to hear this
live2sing's Blue wedding
 |  Port elgin, ON, Canada  |  08/11/2011  | 
Aww I am so sad for you! That really sucks!! Hopefully she is able to get the leave and everything works perfectly for you!! xo
llevett91's Blue wedding
 |  Muskegon, MI, USA  |  08/11/2011  | 
So sorry to hear this. I hope everything turns out good for you.

I had to change the date of my wedding because my brother will be deployed in May 2012.  :(
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  08/11/2011  | 
aww.. girl im sorry to hear that, hope & pray she gets the leave and everything works out. ((hugs))
stillinlove's Pink wedding
 |  NY, USA  |  08/12/2011  | 
I'm sorry to hear that.  I hope that everything works out.
bankhead2be1111's Black wedding
 |  Saint louis, MO, USA  |  08/12/2011  | 
Awwww hun.... I know how you feel. My FSIL got deployed to Afghanistan in May and won't be back until February. I really miss her and my hubby does too. But all we can do is pray for a safe return :-)
gagal81's Purple wedding
 |  Armuchee, GA, USA  |  08/12/2011  | 
Thanks ladies. I am so sorry  llevett91 and  bankhead2be1111. It sucks so bad dont it! I pray for yall's loved ones to return safely!! I know they will be missed terribly. At first I  was like ok Africa thats not so bad THEN I got more info last night about why she is going there. You wouldnt believe how horrible is sounds!
Not many people understand this but she is more like a daughter.  My parents worked all the time and I am the one she remembers being there all the time. She is my baby.
Ok vent over. I am going to try to not think about it and enjoy the time she has home with us next week.
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  08/12/2011  | 
I am so sorry to hear about this. I just hope and pray she can take leave and come to the wedding.
hismrsb's Purple wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  08/12/2011  | 
sorry to hear this bad news honey =( i hope they can work something out! xox
chloerichard's Purple wedding
 |  Montreal, QC, Canada  |  08/12/2011  | 
I'm so sorry for you! I hope everything will turn out well.
gagal81's Purple wedding
 |  Armuchee, GA, USA  |  08/15/2011  | 
Thanks ladies! I appreciate the support. Trying to stay positve. I know how things can change instantly.
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