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Aisle Feathers

I have done them. FINALLY YAY! I think they look great. Better than I thought anyway. Two Ostrich feathers and a purple feather tree. my 1st go at a glue gun, I dont think I did to badly. (My nails may say otherwise.)
What do you think ladies. They will be tied to the aisle chairs with a satin sash ribbon. Purple of course.
The photo looks more purple than they are. They are a deep purple.
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  02/27/2009  | 
those are really different, but i like them!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  02/27/2009  | 
Cool and different! Love my glue gun!
pearaholic's Black wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  02/27/2009  | 
I hadn't thought of using feathers for aisle decor- great idea!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  02/27/2009  | 
Wow that will look great.
retrobride's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  02/27/2009  | 
Niiiiicccee! I may be doing the same depending on which backdrop we borrow and if it matches.
slenderellav's Green wedding
 |  Clementon, NJ, USA  |  02/27/2009  | 
That looks really nice! Such a cute idea.
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I have been in love with this backdrop for a long time. I talked to my aunt who knows a decorator...
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