Dad's Bouttoniers
Dad's Bouttoniers
Groomsmen's Tie
Groomsmen's Pocket Square
Dad's BouttoniersGroomsmen's TieGroomsmen's Pocket Square

Bouttoniere Crisis

After debating back and forth over it, my FI and I came to a compromise that we are both happy with. Rather than bouttonieres, my FI and his boys will just wear green ties with matching silk pocket squares.
The colours are still beautiful, and I think the ones we picked out are really pretty! (i mean...manly)

We'll still be giving bouttonieres and corsages to the parents though. I like the bout in the picture...just without the berries...those are a little weird to me for some reason. Love the kermits though!!! We'll use green ribbon instead of pink too.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  01/23/2009  | 
My FH and groomsmen arent wearing bouttanieres either!
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