Money Box/Card Box
Feb 24, 2010

Vintage Mail Box

We still have not quite picked a theme or colors, but we know we want some vintage touches. I'd like to try and do something unique with these vintage touches...right down to the card box.

I love this mail box! Great idea for a card box! I also thought of making an old record player into a cardbox too...that would be cool.

Anyone have any other great ideas for vintage card boxes, or unique ideas?
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White Money Box/Card Box Vintage Mail Box
White Money Box/Card Box Vintage Mail Box
Vintage Inspired
Feb 18, 2010

Save The Date Options

Just some Save The Date "cards" i find inspiring....even though we have yet to set a date to Love the skeleton key's and hankies the best! We have a free venue and our parents are helping out with the catering, so we can spend some extra money and do something special with the details. Can't wait to get the ball rolling...and pick a date.
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Wedding Decoration
Feb 14, 2010

Love Notes Pinata

Happy Love Day!!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

I saw this on Ruffled (formally vintageglamblog) and thought it was a sweet idea. Hmmm..something i could DIY???
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Wedding Flowers
Feb 13, 2010

Vintage Brooch Bouquets

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these vintage brooch bouquets from I must have one!!!
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Inspiration Board
Jan 14, 2010

Possible Themes

Hello all! My first post! I've been engaged for a few months and i'm only now starting to think about planning the wedding. we have not set a date yet but we're thinking next summer - June 2011. My FH's aunt has a great estate about an hour outside the city, we most likely will have our wedding there on the gorgeous grounds (with a tent). Our close friends and family can stay over night in the house and other guest can stay at a B&B close by if they don't feel like driving (or they're too drunk) back to the city. I have not picked my colors or theme yet but these are a few i'm thinking about - found these inspiration boards on which are exactly what i've been thinking about. It's gonna be hard to make a decision.





What do you think? It's so hard to decide!!!!
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