must have shoes!
must have shoes!
want these flowers
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rustic romance
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must have shoes!want these flowersfun pic optionslove this settingrustic romancerustic romancethe men

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Yellow & Gray Inspirations

Here are just some odds and ends... Been a while since I updated this blog. Been busy with school and what not. I'm still fiddling around with color options... I love gray & yellow and it holds such personal meaning. I also love purple though and I'm still stuck on teal colors. As you can see from past blogs I am all over the place on idea... I'll get it someday!
loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
 |  Portsmouth, NH, USA  |  12/11/2010  | 
We're doing yellow and teal and gray. The guys will be wearing gray with yellow ties. The girls are wearing teal. Lots of yellow on the tables. Yellow and teal decorations.

Just go with what you love. And those shoes are amazing.
kittyvenglish's Orange wedding
 |  Chauvin, AB, Canada  |  12/17/2010  | 
those shoes give me an idea! I have silver shoes taht look quite similar to those but my colors are orange and silver...  hmmmmmm
's  wedding
 |  Norfolk, VA, USA  |  10/20/2011  | 
Where are those yellow/gray shoes from? I'm looking for some for my yellow and gray wedding.
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