May 25, 2010

I'm losing my mind! as if plannin a wedding isn't hard enough, my officiant canceled, i drove to st. augustine for a site meeting and the owner never showed up and our ceremony permit still has not arrived.

I'm going to invent a new cocktail and name it the Bridezilla Antidote
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tashasita's Purple wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
I'm sorry hon!

I have been writing about this site all day it seems, but when I needed officiants, vendors and venues, I used and it really helped me! Maybe it will help with an officiant?
misstoni26's Blue wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Sorry to hear this girl! Hang in there, God has a way of making things work out!!
nidhal's Purple wedding
Downey, CA, USA
That really is beyond frustrating! Is it just me or are almost all vendors flakes? I've been in shock about this for a year.
macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Yikes!!! Can I also have some of that cocktail :)?
purplenat1's Purple wedding
Lafayette, IN, USA
Oh that sucks. Do you have a friend who would be willing to get ordained online and be the officiant? A good trusted friend or family member is often better than a stranger. Good luck!
bryanswife17's Red wedding
Shepherdsville, KY, USA
i have a cute pic, but i cant attach says, ill take a
cafe-mocha-vodka-valium-latte to go PLEASE!
godde8ss's Pink wedding
Gainesville, FL, USA
actually, the officiant was a friend! lol

and, i would love that valuim latte

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