Sep 23, 2009

Were getting married in 51 days!! OH MY.

Question is though-how soon is to soon 2 go & get our marriage license!?
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jhardx89's Black wedding
Tampa, FL, USA
you have to check with the rules of your state. in florida ( where i live ) the marriage license is only good for 30 days! so be careful.
reinadelroknroll's Red wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
In California its 90 days
's  wedding
Cleveland, OH, USA
ohio, 60 days... we got our 2 wks b4 the wedding....
kristah's Green wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
Around here they are good fro 100 days, but just call and ask.
's  wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
It can vary from county to county as well as state, but Texas also has a 30-day expiration, I believe. So don't apply until about 25 days before your wedding.

Again, check and be sure the law doesn't vary by county.
gonzo17's Blue wedding
Austin, TX, USA
great! Thanks so much ladies. about 2 more wks-oh man.

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