ordered my DIY parasols...

I am ready to paint these parasols...I have been hawking them on orientaltrading.com because they have been out of stock, they say they would have them in stock nov. 1... So I scooped a dozen up for 29.99... will post pics when I paint them...
bryde2b's Pink wedding
 |  Walpole, MA, USA  |  11/03/2009  | 
Great buy!  I just did one for my niece (pics on my blog).  It's really not that difficult.  Just time consuming.  Can't wait to see your pics.
s00n2bemrsb0lton's Blue wedding
 |  Hayward, CA, USA  |  11/08/2009  | 
OMG you're a oriental trading shopper too?! let me know if you plan on ordering any thing else..they sent me a coupon for $20 off a purchase of $75 or more..i wont be using it..it expires on Nov. 12th
's  wedding
 |  New philadelphia, OH, USA  |  12/28/2009  | 
We are hanging the parasols upside down from the ceilings at out reception hall with lights in them...do you think the ones from OT are too thin to do that? Some of the reviews stated that they were very thin... just didnt want them to tear open during the reception.
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