May 29, 2009

Do you need under table or hidden lighting? This beacon-like Table Skirt Light uses white LED's, a clear lens and constant on light. It produces 360 degrees of illumination. The Table Skirt Light can be used right side up or mounted upside down under a table using the magnetic base.

Does anyone know of an alternative way to get under table lighting?
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's  wedding
Plantsville, CT, USA
I See alot of people using "christmas" lights but with white wires...

Check this out to see what I;m talking about:

I know it looks a little different but I'm sure if u wrap the wires differently it could come up with this type of affect or something similar
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
I got battery operated LED night lights. The ones I got are round and you push the top down like a button to turn it on. I was planning on sticking them to the bottoms of the tables. I'm not sure how well they'll work though, I haven't tried them. You can find them at hardware stores or places like Wal-Mart.
scotchminx's Yellow wedding
Nepean, ON, Canada
hahaha....I was gonna do this, until I remembered that my wedding is in the summer, and you won't even see the glow until 9:30pm.

And I thought I was sooo original....guess not.
's  wedding
Saranac lake, NY, USA
I bought a ton of white christmas lights on clearance.... and then took a few strands and wadded them up.... and taped them underneath a few tables. worked just the same as this pic. only cost me about 5 bucks.
tink317's Pink wedding
Jackson, MS, USA
great idea
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
I heard that vintagebabe! I had mine ready, but ran out of time to place it under the cloth...I picked up over 300 lights for $1.00 each at the Goodwill. It does look nice Gorgeous 6!
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
Houston, TX, USA
thank you guys for the comments, i really appreciate it...

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