Jun 7, 2010

Something I can make a decision about! The cake.

When I saw the cake in the picture in the upper left hand it was "love at first sight".

We found a winery in Albuquerque, it's beautiful! so I think we will be getting the winery weding of our dreams without the hassle and expense of a destination wedding in California.
We love Napa, but it would cost us more than twice just to rent the winery, and that's BEFORE we add airfare and hotel.
Not to mention the cost for the catering and the wine itself. Everything is more expensive in Napa.

So the theme(s) is/are wine/grapes and doves or love-birds. I want to try and keep the theme thing subtle.

I found the lovely champagne color ribbon that comes in several widths so I can use it for the cake, my bouquet wrap and a sash for my dress.

I really love the Maggie Sottero dress in the picture, but I'm not 100% certain it is "the one".

I want to match the brooches on my dress sash and on the cake. At first I was looking for some small brooches for the top ribbon and a larger one for the bottom. The large brooch picture is from fabulousbrooch.com and it's 2 3/8 " in diameter. Thanks to all of you who blogged about them.

I was really having a hard time with the smaller size brooches until I realized they were probably earrings, not brooches at all. I quickly found these lovelies on Ebay. $5.99 and $2.75 s/h. They are 1 1/4" diameter and will be perfect with the brooch. I ordered two of the brooches from fabulousbrooch.com, the second is for my sash.

The little bird cake toppers are from Etsy. I will have to go back and look up the vendor name. I can send a piece of ribbon to get the champagne color matched. Aren't they cute! Those of you who gave me opinons on cake toppers were SO right. I like them best too.

I added the picture of the cake in the lower right hand corner to show the grape motif they used for the white piping. I would like to have grapevines with grapes and leaves for the piping on our cake. We want a small group of guests maybe 50? so it will be three tiers instead of four and we will have leftovers. But who wants a teeny-tiny dinky little cake?
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