Aug 1, 2009

Well, not really "Glam", lol, but it sounded nice!

I made one pew cone the other night to see how difficult it'd be, & how many materials I'll be needing for 12 (6 on each side). I used the largest cardstock sheets or metallic Tiffany Blue, & a "lace" cardstock in turquoise to lay on top. I also made a mini flower ball with a styrofoam ball, & trimmed fabric lace for the handles. I also hot glued a crystal strand on the front part of the cone, for detail when it hangs.

I love them alot more in person. Any suggestions on something to add or take away? I'm trying to keep it sortof simple, but I'm open to all suggestions!!

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cone I
cone II
cone III
brittanygann's Black wedding
Clover, SC, USA
Love them!! =)

Keep them the way they are!!
ncbride's Purple wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
I agree with Brittany!!  Leave them alone!  I like the textured idea with the lace cardstock & lace handles.  Wow, creative.   These are going to add the perfect amt of color.
stbmrslynn's Purple wedding
Lancaster, TX, USA
They are Perfect glam and simply beautiful....Ilove them dont change a thing.
's  wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
These look great!    Since you asked for a suggestion, the only thing I could think of adding would be a black belly band (think invitation belly band) half-way down?  But, I don't think that is even really needed.  :)
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
Pineville, LA, USA
eww.. i like them!! Very Pretty.
thatpinkbride's Pink wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
It's perfect!  Don't change anything.
queenjeffrey2be's Blue wedding
Palos hills, IL, USA
very cute! i like them as they r also
heatherm76's Blue wedding
Concord, NC, USA
I think they are great just as they are!!!
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Now these are hot! Where in the world did you find the beautiful cardstock?
futuremrscosby's Chocolate wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
My hostess just talked me into doing these...They are very nice!  I'll post mine when they are done...
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Thanks everyone!   Rhonda, I got the paper from Micheals & the lace at Hobby Lobby. :)

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