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Oh My....

It's already been decided that with help, I will be making our invitations. I really look forward to it. Rather than completely knowing what I DO want, I moreso know what I DON'T want. I figured I'd just know the ones when I saw them. Well....these come pretty close!!! I mean Extremely. I love the rich, beautiful fabric (I would keep it in gray), I LOVE the ribbon, which would be in Tiffany Blue, and I LOVE the brooch closure. Plus, my FI & I already agreed upon having pocket fold invites.

The vendor who designs these are expensive, & I know that with the cost of all these materials, this can be a costly project even if I am DIM, but I'm willing to take on the risk of seeing exactly what I can get in bulk for cheap to make these divine designs!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  04/23/2008  | 
Girl. those are gorgeous. But they will be expensive to mail. You would probably have to mail them in a box (Which is sooo hot tamale!) There's a bride that mailed her invites in boxes, marlabobarla (in chocolate weddings). Here is her personal blog with the boxes MarlaBobarla's Boxed Wedding Invitations
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  04/23/2008  | 
marta, you are so right.  duh!  i remember actually saving a photo & website for inexpensive tiff blue mailer boxes.  they will work perfectly.  i'll post it for the other brides (& for myself) whenever i find it.
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
 |  Aurora, IL, USA  |  04/23/2008  | 
they look great! i wish I could have done something like this... but the cost of postage was just going to be too much added to the invitation cost... goodluck I know you will make them beautiful!
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  04/24/2008  | 
i know right...postage is crazy, but i think i can still use this design as inspiration.  it probably wont be quite as heavy.  either way, i already know we're going to have to shell out a little more for postage.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  04/24/2008  | 
Beautiful.  But your invitation sets the tone for the wedding. Crisp, clean, classic and expensive.  Everyone to dress in their best.
bekah301's Black wedding
 |  Pompano beach, FL, USA  |  04/24/2008  | 
These are beautiful! You're definitely taking it to another level!
sonyrobbs's Blue wedding
 |  Pinckney, MI, USA  |  04/24/2008  | 
Oh those are REALLY pretty! Love the broach! I would never want to throw it away b/c it's so pretty!  I think I am going to make my own invites to...good way to save mula!
jennjuly2608's Blue wedding
 |   |  05/23/2008  | 
I came across this one too and fell in love w/ it but I had to go in a different direction because of the cost ~ they are beautiful ~ I cant wait to see how they turn out!
's  wedding
 |  Canada  |  06/27/2008  | 
Wow it's beautiful! You could probably get a lot of stuff for them at Michaels, they always have those 40% coupons.
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