Apr 23, 2008

more Wedding Invitations
It's already been decided that with help, I will be making our invitations. I really look forward to it. Rather than completely knowing what I DO want, I moreso know what I DON'T want. I figured I'd just know the ones when I saw them. Well....these come pretty close!!! I mean Extremely. I love the rich, beautiful fabric (I would keep it in gray), I LOVE the ribbon, which would be in Tiffany Blue, and I LOVE the brooch closure. Plus, my FI & I already agreed upon having pocket fold invites.

The vendor who designs these are expensive, & I know that with the cost of all these materials, this can be a costly project even if I am DIM, but I'm willing to take on the risk of seeing exactly what I can get in bulk for cheap to make these divine designs!
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marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Girl. those are gorgeous. But they will be expensive to mail. You would probably have to mail them in a box (Which is sooo hot tamale!) There's a bride that mailed her invites in boxes, marlabobarla (in chocolate weddings). Here is her personal blog with the boxes MarlaBobarla's Boxed Wedding Invitations
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
marta, you are so right.  duh!  i remember actually saving a photo & website for inexpensive tiff blue mailer boxes.  they will work perfectly.  i'll post it for the other brides (& for myself) whenever i find it.
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
Aurora, IL, USA
they look great! i wish I could have done something like this... but the cost of postage was just going to be too much added to the invitation cost... goodluck I know you will make them beautiful!
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
i know right...postage is crazy, but i think i can still use this design as inspiration.  it probably wont be quite as heavy.  either way, i already know we're going to have to shell out a little more for postage.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Beautiful.  But your invitation sets the tone for the wedding. Crisp, clean, classic and expensive.  Everyone to dress in their best.
bekah301's Black wedding
Pompano beach, FL, USA
These are beautiful! You're definitely taking it to another level!
sonyrobbs's Blue wedding
Pinckney, MI, USA
Oh those are REALLY pretty! Love the broach! I would never want to throw it away b/c it's so pretty!  I think I am going to make my own invites to...good way to save mula!
jennjuly2608's Blue wedding
I came across this one too and fell in love w/ it but I had to go in a different direction because of the cost ~ they are beautiful ~ I cant wait to see how they turn out!
's  wedding
Wow it's beautiful! You could probably get a lot of stuff for them at Michaels, they always have those 40% coupons.

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