Jun 6, 2009

The search for bridesmaids dresses is over!! YAY!
It is such a pain, you see what you like online you try to find a store that carries it, then you go there and they discontinued that line in their store or they never have the dress I am looking for, they carry the designer but the exact dress I am interested was always at their other store... oh but I could pay like 50$ to have it transfered.. then I don't like it.. no!! so I gave up on that one dress and finally found another!!!
AHHH!! I like it and the girls like it!!

The only thing is I am unsure if I want the dress in Black or a Dark Purple... I think I actually like the way the dress looks better in the purple... but I think I should go with the black because I got the flower gurl basket, rb pillow, unity candle and runner in damask... so I think the black dress helps tie in the damask and then just have the dark purple flowers...
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Yellow Bridesmaids Finally decided on bridesmaids dresses!
Yellow Bridesmaids Finally decided on bridesmaids dresses!
's  wedding
Halifax, NS, Canada
beautiful dress
's  wedding
Peterborough, ON, Canada
this is actually my more favorite bridesmaids dress... I am looking for this dress or at least something very similar. My wedding is ivory and black and so I would want this dress in black but the purple is beautiful!
bride4june's Purple wedding
Courtice, ON, Canada
I love this dress..
My BM's are wearing this dress in the African Violet... very elegant!!!

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Purple Bridesmaids Bracelets I found on ebay.com for $1.42 each!!!!
These are just one of the 7 items I have purchased for my bridesmaids. I bought 7 of these for $9.