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Cookie Table
Pittsburgh Tradition

I notice a lot of people are doing a candy table. Here in Pittsburgh we have a tradition of doing cookie tables at weddings. Usually grandmas and aunts help make the cookies, but we both come from fairly small families so we are going to have our caterer do the cookies and pastries. They look so yummy, it makes me think "Who needs dinner, let's just do a dessert reception."
dd977chic's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  04/27/2008  | 
i think i would rather do a cookie table than candy......

I think I might be doing different cheeses in mine, thats up in the air right now though
soontobeamrs's Pink wedding
 |  Sudbury, ON, Canada  |  04/27/2008  | 
This is an awsome idea! I was going to do a candy table, but those cookies look so good, they might just make me change my mind!
bekah301's Black wedding
 |  Pompano beach, FL, USA  |  04/27/2008  | 
I'm not too big on sweets in general but I LOVE cookies. What a great idea! I might pop out of my dress though!
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