me nd my dress with the blue sash
me nd my dress
me nd my dress with the blue sash
me nd my dressme nd my dress with the blue sash

Wedding Dress
Here it is!!

My MOH and i went to DB on Saturday am and I tried on basically every dress in my size REALLY EVERY!!! LOL... and I picked this one it's nothing like what I thought I wanted it's not poofy it has NO beeding or embelishments! But I LOVE IT!!! I felt beautiful in it!!! SO what do you girls think??

Also I have the option of using a sash I'm kind of torn I don't know if I like it setter with or without the blue... I need Votes on this one... My MOH likes with but my BFF likes without... Yell me what you think!

Thanks Ladies

Oh i forgot... I ordered the dress in Ivory white kind of washes me out don't you think?
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  03/03/2009  | 
Pretty girl!  I love the rouching & the sash.  The dress is very flattering, & you look so pretty.
sabrinav's Blue wedding
 |  Concord, ON, Canada  |  03/03/2009  | 
I like it with the sash, I like how it breaks it up.
Beautiful dress, looks great:)
's  wedding
 |  Las vegas, NV, USA  |  03/03/2009  | 
No way on the sash, kinda choppy.  Maybe look into having a little beading added to the dress to jazz it up.  But at the end of the day....it's what you feel the best in and truly like!  Good Luck!!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  03/03/2009  | 
I like it with the sash....I think it gives a bit of pop--will your BMs be wearing the same color?  I think it would tie in nicely if they are--but if they are wearing a different color then it should coordinate with their color.  Not everyone likes color on a wedding dress...
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
 |  Mobile, AL, USA  |  03/03/2009  | 
I like it with the sash cause without it the dress is somewhat plain...so I think it needs a little something extra to spice it up a bit lol!!  I really love the halter look on you...mine is similar to yours up top, only it does have some beading around the bust line.  Did they show you any other sashes that you could choose from??  Cause I think this particular sash might be too narrow and it easily gets bunched up in the rouching of the dress.  I would suggest going to DB's website and looking under the "Ribbons & Sashes" section...I personally like style #S130 and I think it would look great on your dress!!  But take a peak and see which one you think would go best with the style of dress you've chosen!!  Good luck and happy planning!! ;-)
kmogilevski's Black wedding
 |  Cincinnati, OH, USA  |  03/03/2009  | 
Beautiful shape!  I like with the sash, it sinches in your waist!
thepinksuperhero's White wedding
 |  Astoria, NY, USA  |  03/03/2009  | 
I prefer it without the sash, but it looks very nice either way!
futuremrscarrejola's Purple wedding
 |  Brampton, ON, Canada  |  03/03/2009  | 
what a gorgeous dress! you look beautiful! i prefer the dress without the sash, but it looks beautiful either way!
ashorg's Red wedding
 |  Lexington, KY, USA  |  03/09/2009  | 
I like it with the sash, it's slimming....
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