Jul 31, 2009

OH.MY.GOSH. Look what I've found...does anyone know if this stuff really and truly works????? The site says that you just spray this on even artificial/silk flowers to give them a touch of color. If that's the case us Tiffany blue/pool blue brides might be in luck if we just buy white flowers and color them with a few mists of blue??!!!


Here is a link to the different colors they offer...

There's also a store locator on their website....THIS might have just MADE my day b/c I have been totally stressing over flowers!
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heatherm76's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
OK Well I think I've answered my own question. And I am SOOOO super duper excited!!! Apparently you can spray paint silk flowers! Who would have thought? There's several products on the market specifically for floral but I've done some research and saw where some people just used regular old spray paint!

So my project on my lunch hour is to go buy a few cheap white silk flowers and if I can find some of the floral spray paints I'll pick up a can, if not, I'm going to take the flowers and try to use regular spray!

futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
Hope this turns out really well! Let us know!
misstiff's Black wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Hey hun! Thanks for the comment on my pix... I'm going to give them to him in a 20pg album! It's so hard trying to pick 20 pix though, I'll tell ya that... ha. I'm gonna give them to him the day of the wedding. I did bring my own outfits and I think you have to for most places! It was really fun though. I would def say DO IT! haha. you'll love it!
's  wedding
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Yes, you can paint artificial flowers.  I wouldn't use regular spray paint because it might make them hard, and lose the soft flower look you're after.  However, there are products in your craft store (I'm sure Michaels would have it).  One is called Color Master and it's a spray paint florists use on fresh or artificial flowers.  You might also think about using RIT, fabric dye.  I think it would leave the flowers softer.  You probably can just dunk it into the dye mixture and hang to dry.  Make sure you work in an area where things can get messy.

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