Jul 12, 2010

Our decision on what school I will attend has been decided today. We are moving to Chicago. I am SO SO nervous, because I have lived in Michigan my entire life and will be leaving all of my family and friends. We need to find a place to live, but not knowing the area, I am scared I will find a house in a bad area and not know it until we move there. So, I would like any Chicago brides help a fellow bride out if you could help me know good/bad areas to live in. I have only been looking a little. We need somewhere with a house, so probably outside of the city, but still within driving/training distance to the city where I go to school.
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Stoney creek, ON, Canada
I have some good friends in Chicago who I'm sure would be able to make some suggestions. Where are you going to school?

I know there are a few Chicago brides on here too and I'm sure they'll be able to help, but if you need me to ask my Chi-city connection, please let me know more details on where you need to get to for school and stuff, and I'll ask them!
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Oak forest, IL, USA
Tinley Park is where I had my wedding ceremony (at the metra train station with all my retro pictures) Only town Tinley Park has awesome condos above buildings (new) but I am not sure on the price range. It was also voted one of the best places in America to raise your family..
The train station is SUPER convenient and runs to the city day and night. They have great houses as well.

I am in Oak Forest which is the Town Next to Tinley Park. We also have a train station that runs to the city. Oak Forest is hit or miss with houses. Some areas are good while others are kinda ghetto (like every city I guess)
Make sure you check the property taxes at every home/condo because out here Cook County tax is a KILLER.
Our gas is usually the highest, so is our liquor tax, property tax can be 5K a year at your house and your neighbors is 9k a year (goofy!!)
We also have a crazy high cigarette tax..the average is about $7.50 to $8.00 per pack LOL
We are about 20 min south of downtown by car. Route 57 is right next to both towns for you to jump on if you drive.
Tinley Park  is also where we are having our wedding reception
If you look on my wedding website theres a map page


click it.
the cities to the east of Oak Forest are not good at all, so stay away from there.
Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park, Oak Forest, Orland Park and Orland Hills are all nice areas.

Those are all suburbs not far from Down Town Chicago (30 min or so)
As far as IN the city, My sister in law lives out there and unless ya have about 500K for a house...theres no point looking. Theres like one good area in all of Chicago to live in and its private schools and big money.

Hope that helps!
You can always contact me for more help!!
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Saint charles, IL, USA
I live in Geneva (about an hour from the city)...it's a gorgeous, small town with tons of shopping & great schools. If you're looking for a good place in the suburbs, within an hour from Chicago, I'd suggest Elmhurst or Downers Grove (30 minutes away), Batavia, St. Charles, Wheaton, Naperville. All of those towns are awesome, I LOVE this area! And getting to Chicago is really easy....but like unpredictable said, we do have crazy taxes for property. I live in Kane County & it's at least a little better than Cook.

I'm sure that would be so hard to move away from your family & friends, but this will be such a cool experience. Chicago is so much fun :)

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