Aug 24, 2010

I am so beyond thrilled Ladies!!!! I just got off the phone & HAD to come share some of the best news we have gotten recently. We're going to be able to have a videographer :D Sorry that this is a little long, but I'm!!!

Getting married in a big city, there was a lot of videographers we could choose from. But getting married in a big city, 90% or more of them wanted around 1/2 of our total budget for an all day package!!

It was something I had scratched off the list after our trip to Kansas City a month ago. We met with a potential videographer who was offering everything we wanted & all the extras we wanted for an amazing price. However, I had had doubts/uneasiness about this person from the very beginning. Two sample DVD's of a wedding video that I had asked him to mail to us were mysteriously "lost" in the mail. He booked a second wedding on our wedding day after we had been in consistent communication without offering us the chance to secure our package first, so then starts to change the terms of what he would then be able to do for us. And things didn't get better at our meeting. He didn't even offer to show us sample videos!! He handed us the contract & wanted us to sign immediately....umm, no!! After asking to see samples and hesistation on his part, he takes us to the basement to a second room where his next convenient excuse is he is in the process of switching computers so he doesn't have but one video to be able to show us on his new computer. Then video was not impressive and upon reviewing the contract he had written up for us, he tried to slip in he would do no editing!! Needless to say, we left & never looked back.

I however, couldn't completely keep having a videographer off of the checklist ;) The romantic in me wants to be able to relive the day as it happened any time I want. I want to remember the vows we are writing to each other word for word. If something made us laugh or cry, I want to remember exactly what made us have that emotion. I want to be able to watch his reaction as he receives & opens my gift to him on our big day, his emotion to the surprise song I have planned for our unity candle, etc. So I kept looking & researching & hoping. And God blessed us TREMENDOUSLY today!!! Our photographers were just recently married themselves earlier this month. They just posted their wedding highlight video to Facebook. It was the style FH & I have been wanting, and knowing that our photographers had been on just as tight of a budget as we are, I figured they must have found the diamond in the rough I had been looking for. I checked out the videographer's website, but was disappointed when I realized his largest package was still out of budget for us. I decided it never hurt to ask to see if he was willing to discount his services. With a few minor tweaks (only getting 1 final copy of the DVD instead of five and forgoing having him do a photo montage to play at the reception) he is giving us a 65% discount!!!!!! He is willing to discount his services so much since he is just starting back up after having taken a five year break & needs a few more wedding videos to get his name back out in the business.

I do, however, give the ultimate glory to God for not only providing us with wonderful Christian photographers who have been prayer warriors for us throughout this planning process, but for now providing us with a videographer!!

Here's a link to our photographer's video:
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tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
YAY!!!!!! What wonderful news! I know what you mean, I was sooo wanting videography and yet had NO budget for it! But we got some cuz our photographers are phenomenal people and really discounted their rates for us since we were already using them for photos. I am sooooo happy that we have the memories captured on video since the day just flew by! I have no doubt that this will be your new fave "chick flick" LOL.

SOOOOOOOOO happy for you!
sonlove2010's Green wedding
New york, NY, USA
YES HE IS!!!!! Thats great news girl!!! So happy to hear this praise report!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Yeahhh!!!!! I love our videographer too, and think deciding to go with one is the best decision we have made. It will be so special to watch the video after the wedding. Glad you found someone you love :)
's  wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
Praise the Lord :) His blessings are so evident, aren't they?!

Couldn't be happier for you darl! This is so so SO exciting!! :D
prncss173's Black wedding
Reno, NV, USA
That is fantastic!  Congrats!  It is amazing how God can grace us just when we really need it.  He is truly glorious!  What a fabulous treasure you have found as well...that is a great video...great clips, great editing, and AWESOME music choices!
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
Mc lean, VA, USA
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats hun!  I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!  Video is so important and i'm so glad you were able to fit it into your budget!!! That's amazing!!!  God is good! :)  I can't watch the video here :( boo... but when I get home it's on! lol

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