Bridesmaids Recycle Lapis Bridesmaids Dresses

Recycle Lapis Bridesmaids Dresses

I am wondering if anyone wants to reduce, reuse, recycle...I'm having 11 bridesmaids who will need lapis dresses (any long style) from David's Bridal for my December 27th 2009 wedding!! Does anyone have bridesmaids who would want to sell their dresses to us by October, or buy the dresses after the wedding?? Sizes are 2-8. Let me know any ideas! Thanks!
's  wedding
 |  Merrillville, IN, USA  |  08/29/2009  | 
I have 5 girls who bought lapis colored dresses from David's bridal. They are sizes:
2, 10, 14, 8, 12, and 6.

Our wedding is Oct 24th of this year. We would be glad to do so.
's  wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  10/27/2009  | 
Hi would you let me know if the size two is for sale?
's  wedding
 |  Medical lake, WA, USA  |  10/30/2009  | 
I'm interested in the size 12 depending on the style!
's  wedding
 |  Aliso viejo, CA, USA  |  11/09/2009  | 
I need chiffon or jersey lapis long dress size 2 after December so I would buy one after you use it
's  wedding
 |  Philadelphia, PA, USA  |  11/19/2009  | 
Did you get all the dresses you need? Because my wedding was Oct 11, 2009 and I have 2 size 2's, 4, 12, and 14 in the following styles F13185 (2), VC307 (2), F13573 (4), F13287 (12), 81441 (14).
's  wedding
 |  Seguin, TX, USA  |  12/21/2009  | 
I am in a wedding JUNE 18th and need a dress that I can alter...I will be delivering my baby two weeks after the wedding so I will need one that is flowing or larger.  I am 5 foot and will be very pregnant in the wedding.  If anyone has a Lapis color dress that would look good on a pregnant woman please let me know...my email is sara_teaches@yahoo.com
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 |  Kingman, AZ, USA  |  12/29/2009  | 
My sister and I are bridesmaids for a wedding in March and we also need Lapis color long dresses or gowns.  I don't know my size yet because I am pregnant (10 weeks) and  haven't been measured yet.  My sister is probably an 8.  (guessing)  Do you still want to sell your lapis gowns?
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 |  Nashville, NC, USA  |  01/01/2010  | 
Hey there!

I am in a July 2010 wedding and need style f13185 in lapis, size 10 or 12. Anyone have this dress and interested in selling?

sunnygirl2's Purple wedding
 |  Kingman, AZ, USA  |  01/10/2010  | 
I need a long lapis gown from David's bridal for a wedding in March 2010.  Does anyone have a size 8 or 10 that they want to sell?
sunnygirl2's Purple wedding
 |  Kingman, AZ, USA  |  01/10/2010  | 
Does anyone have a Lapis long bridesmaid dress from Davids bridal.  I need it for a March wedding.  Size  8, 10, or 12?  Please email me at aaiello@aol.com

Thank you
sunnygirl2's Purple wedding
 |  Orlando, FL, USA  |  01/10/2010  | 
Please let me know if the size 8 is for sale I will bu it immediately.  Thanks :)
's  wedding
 |  USA  |  01/20/2010  | 
My wedding is in April and I need 3 Lapis bridesmaids dresses style 81441 in sizes 8, 18, & 20. We can rent them or buy them.
's  wedding
 |  Weslaco, TX, USA  |  01/27/2010  | 
Need  lapis dress # F13128 by February 2010 asap if you have it in size 8 or 10   Thanks
's  wedding
 |  Apple valley, CA, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
's  wedding
 |  Woburn, MA, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
I have 3 girls needing long, satin, LAPIS dresses for MAY 2010.  Sizes 6 and 8.  PLS be in touch we will buy or rent them.  THANKS   Kris23asl@aim.com
's  wedding
 |  High point, NC, USA  |  02/02/2010  | 
I have a lapis size 10 style F13185 for sale. worn once. also have the gold knox shoe in size 8 if anyone is interested...email annaash@yahoo.comm
's  wedding
 |  Fort worth, TX, USA  |  03/11/2010  | 
I am looking for lapis bridesmaid dresses 83312 in sizes 4, 8, and 10. Wedding is in June 2010. Let me know if you can help.
acyf804's  wedding
 |  Markham, ON, Canada  |  03/16/2010  | 
I need 3 - 6 lapis bridesmaid dresses 4-6; i am getting married this Aug. If you are willing or if you want to recycle your bridesmaids dress please let me know :)
acyf804's  wedding
 |  Markham, ON, Canada  |  03/16/2010  | 
sorry...my email address is acyf804@gmail.com. Thanks a lot
's  wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  04/13/2010  | 
I need a dress in LAPIS, any style in either 2, 4, or 6. Does anyone have one that I could possibly buy at an affordable price? Thanks, LaneyLaughlin@yahoo.com :)
's  wedding
nancy O'Farrell
 |  Vancouver, WA, USA  |  05/31/2010  | 
I need a size 14 long Lapis gown by June 19th wedding, Please email me at nofarrell1@netzero.com if you still have it for sale.Thanks
ofarren's  wedding
 |  Vancouver, WA, USA  |  05/31/2010  | 
I am getting married June 19th and need a long size 12 lapis wedding dress, can't order in time and had last minute change of bride's maids.  Can anyone help?-like the 81441 -size 12 at David's bridal, would be perfect, or F12495 in lapis size 12.
's  wedding
 |  San diego, CA, USA  |  06/01/2010  | 
I'm selling my Lapis dress!  

I bought it direct from David's Bridal for $145 not including tax and shipping:
Size:    6
Color:  Lapis (Eggplant-Deep Purple)
Style:   F12732 Sleeveless long chiffon dress with charmeuse rounded neckline and sash at waist.

I wore this dress once at a friend's wedding last October.  It has been cleaned and stored under its plastic dress bag. It is in perfect condition.  
See picture links below.  Please contact me for any questions or more pictures.
Just make me an offer!

Thanks! :)   Heather

Please cut and paste the full link below to see it on David's Brial website:

's  wedding
 |  El cerrito, CA, USA  |  06/01/2010  | 
I need a size 4-6 Lapis dress style 83312 if anyone has one?!!!

ashandsergio's  wedding
 |  Riverside, CA, USA  |  06/07/2010  | 
hi I really need a Davids bridal dress in lapis color. F13185. size 14. please email me at princessashleyruiz@yahoo.com if you have one. thanks. I need it for a wedding in october of this year
blm035's Purple wedding
 |  South orange, NJ, USA  |  06/09/2010  | 
I am in need of a size 4 or 6 Davids Bridal dress style  F13573in LAPIS  .. I need this for my wedding on Sept 2010... Does anyone have one they would sell?   Let me know.. you can e-mail me direct at BLM035@YAHOO.COM

veedee's  wedding
 |  Homestead, FL, USA  |  06/13/2010  | 
Does anyone have a 13185 in lapis in a size 4 or 6 for sale? The wedding is this October 2010. Please let me know!!
amberp's  wedding
 |  Milwaukee, WI, USA  |  06/17/2010  | 
I need a Lapis David's Bridal style 8567 in a 12, 14 or 16.  The wedding is in October.  I'd love to buy your dress!
's  wedding
 |  Straughn, IN, USA  |  07/28/2010  | 
I have 2 lapis bridesmaid dresses for sale. One is a size 24 and is satin, knee length, with a boat neck and v-back. The second is floor lenth jersey material with a v-neck and back. I paid $100 for the short one and the long one cost $145 but I will sell them for less than that. IF you're interested let me know! My e-mail is trish_2587@yahoo.com or you can text me at 765-541-0352.
's  wedding
 |  Anaheim, CA, USA  |  07/28/2010  | 
i need the four! please email me if one is available...alexponce@me.com
's  wedding
 |  Anaheim, CA, USA  |  07/28/2010  | 
it has to be lapis floor length i would be so grateful!
's  wedding
 |  Lilburn, GA, USA  |  08/01/2010  | 
My girfiend needs a size 14 lapis asap
's  wedding
Megan Soto
 |  San diego, CA, USA  |  08/02/2010  | 
I desperately need F13185 Lapis size 6! The wedding is the first weekend Sept 2010!!!! Please get back to me if you have one... meganm.soto@gmail.com

Thank you
kboluv's  wedding
 |  Savannah, GA, USA  |  08/26/2010  | 
Hi. I would like to buy your Lapis(davids bridal) size 16 or 18 dress for a december wedding I am in..PLEASE help.
amberp's  wedding
 |  Milwaukee, WI, USA  |  08/26/2010  | 
I broke down and bought a new David's Bridal size 14, style 8567 in lapis.  If anyone would like to buy it I'll be done with it after 10/17.
qma2587's  wedding
 |  Straughn, IN, USA  |  08/29/2010  | 
Kboluv.... I have a size 20 lapis dress that could be taken in if you can't find another one. It is floorlength. and has never been worn other than to try it on.
's  wedding
Katie G
 |  Nashville, TN, USA  |  09/04/2010  | 
Megan Soto, I may buy it from you when you're finished. I need a size 6, Long, Lapis Dress for a Nashville Wedding January 2011.
's  wedding
Amy in Ohio
 |  Bowling green, OH, USA  |  09/14/2010  | 
I am in a bind. One of my bridesmaids did not get her dress ordered in the 6 week time period before my wedding. I am in need of a short, preferably satin, lapis dress size 14. Please post back my wedding is October 22nd of this year.
mrslambert's  wedding
 |  Brookville, OH, USA  |  09/17/2010  | 
I need a lapis-colored dress for a wedding I am in in November, preferably short, but I can alter it- anywhere around a size 12. If anybody has this, please email me!! lambert.brianna@gmail.com

's  wedding
 |  North royalton, OH, USA  |  09/27/2010  | 
does anyone have a size 4 lapis dress?? I need one in like two weeks.I had a pretty intense workout pt plan this summer and my shoulders are a bit too broad for the 2 now.

Email me asap if you do! bballgrl1207@yahoo.com
's  wedding
 |  Garland, TX, USA  |  10/04/2010  | 
Does anyone know where, or have a size 5, FLOWER GIRL DRESS, in lapis... or ivory/black... MOSTLY IM LOOKING FOR LAPIS :) THANKS
's  wedding
 |  Garland, TX, USA  |  10/04/2010  | 
AMY IN OHIO, My wedding is Nov of this year... My girls are wearing lapis too, ofcourse we havn't gotten their dresses back, but I've been like like 5 David's Bridals...and they had tons of short lapis dresses, I suggest she go to one of those ad buy off the rack... if its too big, she can find a local alterations place, and they can work her in...  :)
's  wedding
 |  Glenwood, IL, USA  |  10/09/2010  | 
Sara, I'm in nwi too!! I need the 6 so bad for my cousin. Will it be for sale? Christina_strauch2000@yahoo.com
's  wedding
 |  Bend, OR, USA  |  10/12/2010  | 
I need a size 4 or 6 in lapis david's bridal Strapless Satin Ballgown with Pick-up and Sash Style 81123

Anyone know were i could find one please email
's  wedding
 |  Rockford, IL, USA  |  01/16/2011  | 
i am doing lapis need decorations and dresses
's  wedding
 |  Texarkana, TX, USA  |  02/01/2011  | 
Hey! I know these messages are old but I was wondering if any of you still have a Lapis color bridesmaid dress still for sale? It has to be satin and right at the knee or below. If it's a long dress i might could get it cut off depending on the style. I'm a size 2 but I probably could get a size 4 taken in to fit. Please email me at katie@fayjpackaging.com if you have a dress for me. Thank you!!
's  wedding
 |  Kannapolis, NC, USA  |  05/06/2011  | 
I need a size 8 lapis bridesmaid dress style 84091 from david bridal.. the wedding is in sept. 2011
's  wedding
Looking for Style 81123 in size 4 or 6 Lapis Color
 |  Scottsdale, AZ, USA  |  06/17/2011  | 
Does anyone have the David's Bridal Dress Style 81123 in Lapis Color size 4 or 6?  Please email me linnys80@yahoo.com
's  wedding
 |  Wichita falls, TX, USA  |  06/23/2011  | 
I am looking for a David's Bridal Size 16 Lapis Dress in Style Number 83707. I need it as soon as possible - but preferably before August 1. If you have one available, please contact me at lasha01@yahoo.com. Thanks!
's  wedding
 |  Branson, MO, USA  |  02/04/2012  | 
was the Lapis size 14 dress style f13185? If so, is it for sale?
's  wedding
 |  Orange park, FL, USA  |  05/31/2012  | 
I am in need of 4 Lapis Davids Bridal Dresses 81123. I need size 6, 12, and 14 or 16. If anyone has any please email me a.nd let me know. My email is mander137@yahoo.com my wedding is in September 2012, so if anyone would want to sell them after a wedding before then that would be great!
's  wedding
 |  Detroit, MI, USA  |  07/30/2012  | 
Does anyone have a Davids Bridal bridesmaid dress in the 81441 style in lapis, size 14 or 16? My sister's wedding is in October, 2012 and I am trying to find the best price I can as funds are extremely tight for me right now :) Please contact me at tumlove0214@yahoo.com if you have it available! :) Thanks in advance!
reeselg81's  wedding
 |  High ridge, MO, USA  |  03/24/2013  | 
Does anyone have a size 4 or 6 Davids Bridal lapis dress Style # F13185. If so I would love to purchase! Please e-mail me at sassyreese@gmail.com Thanks!
ebensley's  wedding
 |  Glenwood, FL, USA  |  05/11/2013  | 
Does anyone have David’s Bridal Strapless Satin Ballgown 81123 Dress Sz 10 in Lapis EUC I need one for my daughter for my wedding this December Thank
mrsdeeharris's  wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  10/18/2013  | 
I am searching for davids bridal style 84741 for a resale price in several different sizes. I have a large wedding party.  The sizes are 4, 10, 12, 14, 16, 16, 22, in lapis color. In addition I need style 84333, in black size 16. Desperate bride!!!!
melkins14's  wedding
 |  Riverside, CA, USA  |  01/09/2014  | 
Does anyone have a lapis David's bridal F12495 in size 10 or 12
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