Aug 24, 2008

update: email the florist a list (above post)- so they can have the flowers labeled Florist contract - all set

How will the flowers get the the Castle - we'll have to bring all the ceremony flowers with us and lay them out somewhere for aunt sue

All traditional shaped clutch/nosegay/round arrangement. The brides will be 1.5 to 2 times larger than the girls.

Bridal Bouquet:
I loved some other styles/shapes, but once my dress came in and I tried my dress on with my fake bouquet I made, the asymmetry of the arrangement took away from my dress. So I’m back to round! Also my eye was drawn toward the dark colored flowers – too much contrast with my white dress. My eye was drawn away from my face to the dark colored flowers. So I concluded, I want mainly white flowers (no large lilies or wedding flowers – I think they are kind of cheesy looking) with a little pink (not light pink or dusty rose though) and a little burgundy (not purply), and some pearls – they are so cute! I would also like my grandmothers cross tied into my flowers (don’t want the cross in plain view – it’s has some damage, I just want her with me. It’s my something old.) I’m a size 18, so I don’t want a tiny arrangement, but I also want to be able to see my beautiful dress (the bodice is covered with glass beads, sea beads, crystals, and pearls). I’m also planning on selling my dress after the wedding, so I would like my stems wrapped so my dress does not get dirty. The white sweetpeas are cute. Mine would be wrapped with a white ribbon. My budget is $80 for my flowers.

My Girls (one maid of honor and 4 bridesmaids):
I love the 2-toned pink and burgundy ribbon in the one picture with the 5 girls. But I would be ok with dark pink ribbons, burgundy wouldn't match and white - boring LOL.

Our dresses are not wine, they are burgundy (deep reddish - see the fabric swatch above) - but with a little tweaking - these flowers would be perfect for the girls – I would like to add just a little bit of little white flowers or crystal into these arrangements so they do not blend in with dark jewel toned dresses so much. In the picture with all the girls it looks like the bride’s flowers are in the front and the girls have matching flowers in a smaller size. What can I get for $40/ea for the girls? It’s cute to have their initial in their flowers like the other picture – so they know who’s are who’s – plus it’s a nice little detail.

I can drop off the initials and my cross earlier a few days before the wedding. Do I need to get an special type of letter? What time should they be picked up? My aunt (retired florist) will be pinning them on and setting up the vases and such on the tables - fewww and thanks! - again thanks
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Love the colors and the initial.  
It would be nice to have some white
 or crystal to break this dark color up
very cute - if it could be a little more white and a little less pink.  It'd probably love it.  Doesn't have to be sweetpeas - can use another small white flower - but not babies breath or stephanotis.
SIZES I am looking for. These are beautiful for the girls - cute need an initial and a few  little delicate white flowers or crystals and they would be perfect.
I like the colors  - these might be good for our centerpieces I make - but arranged differently!   Maybe burgany dalias with pink roses or carnations with a delicate small white flower.
I love these colors and the pearls would be a great touch in my flowers, but I wouldn't want them in the girl's flowers.
This is pretty - but not the babies breath in a bouquet (babies breath seems pretty 80s to me)  The little daisey are cute though.  I could handle the beabies breath in a centerpiece.
this is nice - no whites - but used light pink instead - ok
yuk - all peonies - I like them some - but this is over kill!
I like this - but it needs a bit of pink and deeper reds.  Plus there isn't anything dainty in here.  I want some dainty - hahah 

that so isn't me - dainty
ok - this one is fake flowers - it's pretty but the red is too red and the pink is too light.  But it shows me what more white would look like.
a bit too small - but they are cute and nice  - colors would have to be deeper for us though - too red
too red and not enough pink or white.  But it looks like a nice sized arrangement.
Jaye hates it. - I thought it was very cool!
love burgaundy and pink! Need a smaller topper!  But I love the flowers on this cake.  I think I will use some roses and mainly carnations and save some bucks.
eww - those little wedding flowers are in this one - it's very pastel - yuk

Wow - that is not me at all.

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