Jun 15, 2010


I made it to the finals!!!

I have entered a contest to win a once-in-a-lifetime volunteer vacation: a seven-day, all expenses-paid trip for two to live and work in Africa on a ONEXONE partner project. Of 280 competitors in the first round, I placed 6th. Now, as one of the top ten entries, I have one last chance to rally the community - and all of Canada – to vote for me as I compete to get into the top three. From the top three in this second round, a judging panel will select one lucky person to receive the trip. I would very much like to be that person, and I need your help.
1. I teach Grade One French Immersion at Plum Tree Park School in Mississauga. Every year on the first day of school, I tell my class that I hand-picked them to be in my class because they are "the readers." Reading is empowerment.

I traveled to Uganda last summer and spent a day volunteering at Soft Power Education, an organization working to improve quality of life through education. I took with me twenty books, each a gift from one of the children in my class. On our tour of the newly opened library of under 100 books, our guide told us that when he was in school, he shared one book between 10 people in order to study. He didn’t know until he was 26 that reading could be for pleasure. On my return, I decided to do my part to change this. To date I have organized fundraisers to raise over $3400 to pass on the power of reading. My goal is to send as many culturally sensitive books to these 37 schools as possible.

I am asking for your help and your support to get my message out. Voting for the top 10 will take place from June 12th until June 30th. By winning this “Reach Out with Red Rose” contest, I feel that I will get closer to my dream of passing on the power of reading.
It is one vote at this site (one vote per email address is ermitted).
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