Hello lovely ladies,

Check out my latest blog post about glitter to find out how I did my menus. Great for any of the brides out there that are using a lot of glitz and glam in their wedding! It's super easy....


Is anyone else using glitter? I would love to see any of your glitter projects :)

Nat xo
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Hi ladies!

I just thought that I would post some of the detail and decor shots from the wedding, since that was mostly what this blog was about. All of the stationary was designed by me, and put together with some help from my bridesmaids. Every "S" on my menus were sparkled by hand...all 210 of them :) All of the flowers and decor were done by my amazing mom, who is so ridiculously talented it's crazy. She also bought and paid for it all..I am so lucky! We ended up 20 tables of 10, so my mom did 2 different types of centerpieces. Half were tall vases with branches, which had orchids and diamonds attached. The other half were short vases with orchids, river rocks in water with floating candles.
The candy buffet consisted of only pink candies and macaroons and was pretty much demolished by the time we got back from our photos, as was most of the appetizers the guests were surved which included mini sliders (burgers), anti pasto (meats and cheeses), gourmet dips and much more.

There were different shades of pink roses everywhere, and tons of rose petals. We even gave the kids cones with rose petals in them, which they toss at us during our first dance. The kids also got loot bags with cameras and a I Spy game (see post way down), and pencils to check off what they found. I can't wait to get them developed! We also had a photobooth which kept all 20 kids occupied for the whole night, and many adults too. The photos are amazing!

The dessert buffet came during the midnight buffet of pizza, homemade sausages and buns. Most of the desserts were also homemade by my very talented cousins, and the ones that were bought were from an Italian bakery.

Everything was absolutely perfect....I could not ask for anything more. It Truly was the best day of my life!

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guest bowl
candy buffet details
candy buffet table with bride and groom bust
tent decor
branch centerpiece with orchids
centerpiece orchids and diamonds
underwater orchid centerpiece
mini chandeliers on candy buffet table
4 black chandeliers
natalie+lucas7 copy
church arrangements
roses everywhere
Pink more wedding photos... the details :)
rose petals
my bouqet
flower girl pomanders
flower girls
girls flowers
girls shoes
grandparents property and giant balloons
love bird, front door
head table
headtable details2
headtable details3
headtable details4
homemade cannolli
dessertbuffet 2
dessert buffet
photobooth with junior usher
photography location
photography location2
ruins, photography location
grandparents property and giant balloons
cardbox with bride and groom bust
head table backdrop
headtable details
tent with lanterns over dancefloor
pink plexiglo bar
tent with lanterns over dancefloor2
Hi ladies....oh how I have missed you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday!

So this year I have decided to take my love of all things weddings a step further with a new little wedding blog! It is just in the early stages, and WBC is the first soft launch...it's not quite done yet, so please let me know what you think!

As some of you may remember, I am a cake decorator {www.thelushcake.com} be sure to check out the flickr link for all photos, and I am also a photography grad... amoung other things hehe
My mom is a floral designer, and I have been surrounded by weddings my whole life and love every aspect of the planning process. I have now been on WBC for a year and have made monograms, invitations, and signs..... for many of the brides on here, although I think most have now gotten married :)

SO go here {www.lalaloveblog.com} and click on all things nat (that's my personal page, I am doing this with my BFF, who is the one I have spent years sneaking bridal mags at Chapters with every month) and post a comment on my new monogram post. The first 5 ladies will win a FREE MONOGRAM! please follow the steps on the post and email me your details!

Congrats to all the new brides on here...WBC is AWESOME!!

xo nat
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Pink my new blog....lala love win a free monogram! {5 lala lovely ladies}
Pink my new blog....lala love win a free monogram! {5 lala lovely ladies}
Pink my new blog....lala love win a free monogram! {5 lala lovely ladies}
Hey Ladies!!

I have missed you all! Haven't been around much since the wedding :( I have been super busy with building our house and taking Santa Photos at the mall. I am still having post wedding depression...I miss the planning haha

I never really posted many photos from the wedding because I didn't have my laptop for over a month, so I thought I would share some now....

Here is a preview of the coffee table book I made for our parents for Christmas, you can see more photos! (sucks the whole book won't show up though) http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1066627

With over 3000 photos given to me by our photographer, it was soooo hard to pick my favs!

The last 3 photos were taken by one of my best friends!

Hope all you ladies are doing well and the planning is coming along xo

(a bunch of them uploaded twice and wont let me delete them)
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getting out of rolls
girls bouqets copy
natalie+lucas6 copy
natalie+lucas6_kiss copy
natalie+lucas7 copy
Pink Wedding photos! It's been awhile since my last visit.
natalie+lucas4 copy
natalie+lucas3 copy
girl shoes
HII ladies!

I have been totally MIA these last few weeks since we got back from our honeymoon and tons of things have been happening!

Our honeymoon was amazing...7 great nights at the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana DR. The hotel was so gorgeous and everyone was exceptionally friendly. We made a bunch of friends from Europe, and had an absolute blast! The weather was hot and sunny everyday...I got an awesome tan ;)

On other news our house is coming along very well...we should be all done in another 6 weeks and ready to move in. I love being a wifey, but it won't feel 100% real until DH and I are in our new house just the two of us and our pup princess lexi.

Well I miss all the lovely ladies on here, and see that there are many new gals too! Happy Planning! xo
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Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
Pink Honeymoon I'm back! Honeymoon & other updates
our house - exterior
Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven't been around much since the wedding...things have been crazy! It is has been less than 2 weeks and we have gotten all 3000 photo files from our photographer..he is awesome!

Here are a few more...all photography by Gord Weber, and all editing done by ME! Also, just want to mention that the cake was done by me and my sister (www.thelushcake.com, be sure to check out the flickr link for all photos) and all of the decor was my mom....but most of you know that by now ;)

For our honeymoon we are going to the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana...it's a 5 star resort. Anyone else been there, or to Punta Cana DR? I am so excited to spend 7 days on the beach with my hubby!

I also wanted to mention that I will be posting more photos on my new blog once I get back...there will be tons of info and how tos and a bunch of stuff on there! I will post the link when it's all ready!


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Pink more pro photos... going on our honeymoon in 4 days!!
Pink more pro photos... going on our honeymoon in 4 days!!

Ladies, yesterday was the most amazing day of my life! I am so exhausted, I just wanted to pop in quick and share a few photos. Everything was unbelievable...I will post details soon and all of the photos when I get them from our photographer and edit them.

Love you all, and thank you so much for being so wonderful!! xo


Check out my new watch....amazing present from my husband...
oh Iove saying that!!! hehe

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Pink I'M MARRIED!! Best day of my life!
Pink I'M MARRIED!! Best day of my life!
Pink I'M MARRIED!! Best day of my life!
Pink I'M MARRIED!! Best day of my life!
Hi ladies,

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that read my last post about the priest and commented. It was a really tough and exhausting couple days. After tons of talking to the priest, we finally found a solution. Ft Steve was already booked, so our priest found a Deacon that is available and will do it our way. I am SO HAPPY! I told the priest that he best inform all of his couples his practices as soon as they meet with him so that no one else has to go through what my family and I did.

On a better note...we are getting married in 5 days!!! My mom has been working her butt off doing the arrangements and getting everything ready for the centerpieces. Last night my girls and I worked until 2am on menus and a bunch of other stuff. Here is a sneak peak at our ribbon seating chart...I came up with this idea and I love it! Everything is coming together...I am so excited, I cannot wait to have my dream wedding with my dream man!
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ribbon seating chart
Hi ladies...I am absolutely devastated right now. I found out LAST NIGHT that the priest won't let me walk down the aisle with my father...

Here's a quick background story...

9 months ago when FH and I got engaged we went to the church that I was confirmed/had my first communion with, and attended throughout my school years. Everyone in town LOVED him, and so did we. A few months ago, we were informed that he was leaving and another priest was to start Aug. 1. I tried to arrange a meeting with him, to give him our marriage license and chat, and it kept being pushed off. This past Tuesday, FH and I went to mass, and went to give him our marriage license, and he was like oh, I don't know if I will be marrying you, I have 3 other masses that day. (UM OK!?) So today, I was putting together our programs and had emailed him to ask a few questions about it. A few hours ago I received and email back from him informing us that he stricly follows the 1979 wedding ritual, and that Lucas and I must greet all of our guests, then the parents of the bride and groom, then the attendants walk down then aisle, then the FH AND I WALK DOWN TOGETHER! I am have NEVER been to a Catholic wedding where they do this (and i have been to dozens). He also told me that I couldn't have one of the songs I wanted (even though we got it from the book from our marriage prep course through the church) and he said that we have to have the recession, and THEN have the signing of the papers in the FOYER.
My poor dad is so upset, I cannot believe this. I wrote him back a very detailed nice message about how I had planned the wedding with the other priest and how it was extremely important to Lucas, my father, and I, (and our families) for it to be my father walking me down the aisle with FH at the alter. I also said that we would prefer to do the signing at the alter while everyone is sitting because it would be a large amount of people standing in the foyer (200).

This is what I got back...
"I will check with Fr. Steve to see if he is available to do your wedding."

Has anyone ever heard of this? What if ft steve can't do it?

Sorry for the long post, I am just at a loss of what to do and think about the situation. We only have 8 days...how could he drop that on us?!
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Pink Ask a Question devastated...priest won't let me walk down the aisle with my dad
Hi ladies! I haven't been around too much lately, with only 9 days left until the big day, I am going crazy with wedding stuff!!
I just wanted to give ya a sneak peek at some things that I have been working on. The first few are our cake! As some of you may know I have a cake decorating business so I am make a huuuuge 7 tier fake cake! It is a damask/chandelier theme cake :)
Today we are meeting with our caterer to go over final numbers and everything and then I will be printing out the menus. The second photos are of different menu designs that I am thinking. The last photo is of our bombonniere (see a post below for what they are!) all wrapped and tagged!
Hope you're all doing well..I miss ya :) xo
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