Apr 16, 2009

I really wanted some unique touches to our wedding - everything personalized with our "logo" - it's not really a monogram but it just says "Gloria and Sascha" in our colors in Scriptina font. That's a theme through our whole wedding.
I contacted Holly Carafa at Three Galas Designs for a custom aisle runner. I wanted it to say "They Lived Happily Ever After" in the middle and then our "logo" at the front with the date.

She did a FANTASIC job. The aisle runner is cream colored, 25ft long, and done in our colors. It's all folded up at home, waiting for the big day but I can't wait to post a picture of how beautiful it looked.
This isn't quite what it looks like, but you get the idea. I think it'll add a wonderful touch to the ceremony. She hand paited the aisle runner in our colors - hot pink and chocolate.
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