Hi Ladies,

I know it has been a long time since i have been on here. So let me give you some updates.

Trey and I have been married for a year and a half. Things have been amazing. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband.

About six months after our wedding, the current house we live in got broken into. My computer, Wii Console, his daughters laptop, my camera, and my wedding present from hubby got stolen. All of our honeymoon pictures are gone. All the pictures of me planning my wedding are gone. And the gift was a beautiful unique ring that i wanted for almost a year. I was heart broken. We were talking about moving but this just speeded the process.

So back in November there was a late Fall beautiful day and we went out to take pictures. We came across a community and I said listen we should look into building a new house and how much it would cost. We figured we would be ready by June 2011 to start looking.

Well i made a few phone calls and booked an appointment to go look at the model home. We sat down prior to the apt and looked at all the floor plans and ppicked the one we liked the most. We went to see the model home and ohh WE FELL IN LOVE! We sat down the with sales rep and after figuring everything out we said lets do it. I couldnt see buying a home and investing so much more when we can build a home and not have to worry about fixing things for at least 10 or more years.
Hubby never thought he would be building a home, and here we are now just 12 days away from getting the keys to our new home. IT has been a awesome experience to watch an empty lot turn into a house.

I am soo excited and cant wait to move. The house we live in now has been in his family for almost 30 years. He has been in that house since 94. Its time to go. There is just too much history in that house and i could never make it my own. Us building the house is giving me and his the final closure on everything. Its a fresh new start and i can finally start planning a family. I couldnt bring our child into that home. I didnt feel right.

The house is huge, open floor plan, i love it... We have a fire place, a HUGE kitchen. Huge master bedroom with my own private bathroom. 2 bedrooms and a loft. HUGE basement where hubby with make his man cave. The pictures are as things are being done. The outside is all done, all they have to do is put down the driveway, the kitchen and fireplace i took those pics after the carpet was put in. The house has to get cleaned :)

Kitchen -- i took the pic next to the fireplace, so you cna see the open floor plan, to the right of the kitchen is our dinning room, and left of the kitchen is stairs to go up and the laundry room. also the kitchen has a nice size pantry room :)

Im just soo happy and in love. cant wait to figure out decorations and paint. and build a deck :)

I CANNOT WAIT 4/4/11 we are getting the keys!!!!
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Recently, I was invited to make a difference in the lives of children facing unthinkable challenges by forming a Walk Team for the 18th Annual Medical Mutual of Ohio® Make-A-Wish Foundation® Walk for Wishes®. On Saturday, June 26, I will join hundreds of walkers to raise much needed funds for seriously-ill children in Northeast Ohio.

As some of you know I was a wish child. This year is specially important to me as it marks 10 years since my diagnosis of Leukemia and I have been off chemo for 8 years. With this great organization my family and I were able to spend a week in Hawaii and I was able to have a wish of swimming with the dolphins come true.
Please join me in helping the Make-A-Wish Foundation by supporting my fundraising efforts. Each dollar raised helps to grant the wishes of special children, like me, as the average value of a wish is $6,000. Donate securely online and help Share the Power of a Wish®!

Thank you for your generous support of this worthwhile cause.

P.S. Be sure to check our progress on the Team website! "10 Year Survivor"

here is the website... Thank you in advance
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make a wish
hi all, i know this is not wedding related.... so here it goes

we are remodeling our bedroom.. and i need help deciding which option to go with...

room one -- we have a lighter pink color carpet already in the room... i like this bc its different and we also have the purple comforter

room two -- i love brown and we would get a cream colored carpet... this is more safe me option one is the crazy side of me...

please vote which one you like better... thanks

.... this is what you get to look forward to being married, how to paint and decorate your house :D
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Room One
room option2
Hi Ladies,
Its been a while, I have been in and out checking out the new and old brides to be. I finally got some pics and some time to add pics from the wedding.

We had an amazing time. Everyone still talks about my day. So check them out..

Highlights of my wedding day:
- I arrived on a golf cart, everyone loved that.
- i had some drizzle before the ceremony, about five min before our vows the sun came out and my dress lighted up. it was as if god and the angels where there with us, AMAZING
- we had geese flying people still remember that, it was like someone relased them just for us, and everyone laughed
- the reception food was amazing, everyone still talks about the venue, food, and how magical everything was
-my DJ was someone very popular from a radio station and that was kinda cool

I really had the best time of my life and i love to look back on the day and see how things were. Nothing went wrong that i know of because the venue i was working with was just amazing and anything we needed they were there to provide for us.
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Family 15
Wedding 8
Wedding 7
Wedding 6
Wedding 47
Wedding 3
Wedding 40
Wedding 42
Wedding 2
Wedding 17
Wedding 19
Wedding 1
Wedding 11
Wedding 023
Family 16
Family 17
Family 19
Family 21
Family 20
Family 3
Family 39
Family 44
Family 8
Reception 8
Reception 5
Family 6
Family 47
Family 23
Reception 23
Family 9
my inspiration for melissa...
Hi Ladies,
its been a long time. I am now Mrs. Harvey L. Heath III and im so in love and happy to b married.

There is absolutley nothing that went wrong. The weather was questionalble but it held up for us. It did sprinkle as the ceremony started and the sun came out just as we were ready to say our vows. It was like god was blessing us.

My plan with the delorian for Trey was perfect. He loved it and so did a lot of our guest. They thought it was amazing.

For the ceremony I arrived at the top in a golf cart and people said that was "sweet".

Everything and I mean everythign was just amazing. It is a night i will never forget, all the hard work def paid off and i cant wait to see the video and the prof pics...

in the mean time here are some pics that the guests took...

would i do it over again? yes and i would not change a thing...
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back of my dress w flowers
back of my dress
bride w boys
bro n me
cake feeding
cutting the cake
first dance
first kiss
first look at me
garder removal
groom n girls
groom n guys
head table
mom n me
our golf cart
sand pouring
saying our vows
table set up
us w piano
walked in
wedding party w pairs
wedding party
Ladies it is finally my turn. On saturday I will marry the man of my dreams and i could not be more happier. Im excited and anxious and very emotional...

cant wait to come back as a MRS. and share my storeis and pictures with you..

Best of luck to all brides this weekend who are getting married! we did it we are finally here!!!
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omg ladies, its starting to hit me, this is it... im so excited!!!

things that i need to get done are
1. print my seating cards
2. finish wrapping 2 more gifts
3. finish FN's book
4. pack the sand in the bottles and pack them for friday
5. cut ribbon and rosemary stems for the guest (croatian tradition)

i think that does it... :D

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So my party is this weekend. There will be about 11 Girls there. My MOH and 2 friends are planning the party. I know this is going the be the best night of my life besides my wedding day.

Im alil scared to see what these girls planned, i know its going to be a lot of fun, but at the same time they can get crazy and i already got some hints that its going to be crazy...

im soo excited just to see what they do and plan! I cant wait!! Shall be interesting...

i've been ordered to wear all white with bright high heals... haha... i have no clue what they are planning...

what are you or did you do for your party? who was planning it? and did you know about it??
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bach glass
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b4 alterations
the bustle! love it!
With the help of my MOH we finished the favors :)

Here they are!
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Pile of them
the beautiful hearts
MOH helping out!