So with actually 31 days to go I am super excited....

Lets see whats going on? FN guest list has all responded mine not so much (boo on them) they have till tomorrow to mail their stuff to me :0

Centerpieces are all done
Wedding favors - 20 more to go - DIY project
Card Box - MOH is in charge of
Cake - paid off in full and the baker has everything
DJ - meeting with him on the 14th and being paid off :) - songs picked out
Florsist - have to set up last meeting and pay him off :)
Caterer - food menu picked out

Dress - 1st alterations this weekend
Programs - print and crop the corners, was going to make a fan but decided just to print them instead... its heavy hard stock so that will work (5x8 paper)
Bridal party presents - need to finish wrapping

There is some other stuff i need to get done that is Croatian tradition (cut and wrap ribbon around rosemary branch and buy pins)

What else am I missing??????????

Once i get all the RSVPs back FN and I are working on the seating arrangement...

Ohh and i need to go bathroom basket shopping.. GOD!!!
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Ok ladies, So with just under a month to go I am starting to have wedding dreams and even some nightmares. I am tossing and turning, my mind is racing before i go to sleep keeping me up ALL NIGHT!!!...

Im not having any doubts or cold feet I think its just pure excitement and worrying about not getting everything or forgeting something the day off..

I know it wont be 100% perfect.

So ladies I was wondering if you have any juicy wedding dreams... or going thru the same things as me!!!!
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With the wedding getting so close i start to imagine how my fiance will react when he first sees me.. Will he cry, will he be speachless, what will he DO?

I have a good walk to get down to him with the sun behind me as i will walk down the isle he really wont get the full effect until im much closer!

So those who were there? what was his reaction? did he tell you anything??? IM DYING TO KNOW

Those who are getting there what do you expect or want to happen?
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1st time
First congratulations too all this weekend brides may you have a wonderful wedding! I hope its all u dreamed of!

So no the real reason for this post. My BDAY WEEKEND!!!

Tonight: Keith Urban concert with the ladies
Tomorrow: BDAY BASH at the house then off to downtown for some fun and dancing
SUNDAY: MY BDAY!!! Maybe Jet Skiing with my uncle (depends on weather and how hungover i will be)

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So just recieved and email from my roommy and the car is in driving condition. So they will drive that car up to the wedding! I am soooo fliping excited!!!! I cant wait to tell him this at the wedding and show him the surprise!!! I think that will be his wedding present as well!!! Pics with the car!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh so my FN is A HUGE Back to Future fan. Its one of his all time fav movies... Well my college roommate has the delorian (the car) so im hoping her dad would drive that to the wedding and im hoping to get a few pics in the car with him after we are married...

if not she said I can use the car to take a few sexy pics with the car...

cant wait either way!

i can just imagine myself sitting in the car and him next to me looking at me..

what you ladies think of this idea?
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back to the future 1
Ok ladies i really need your help!

I am looking for a long enough fun song that all of us can walk into the reception. Im looking for a fun upbeat song like "I gotta feeling" - by black eyed pees but i cant use that one because my FN son got married a month ago and it would just not be right to use it....

So we are looking for something up beat it can be techno style as that is totally me.

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So here are our rings... i took a bunch of pics

I got his ring engraved and says " I love you" in Croatian

Pic 1 and 2 - Trey's Ring
Pic 3 - My wedding band w/out the engagement ring
Pic 4 - My ring set in the box
Pic 5 - the ring on my hand
Pic 6 - his ring engraved
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Trey's ring side view
Trey's Ring Front VIew
my wedding band
the set together
on my hand!
Trey's Ring Engraved
So im in the process of booking our flight to Florida and back and after much research online i decided to go directly to the company's website and book thru them....

So here is what i found for the same flight;
Continental: $422
Expedia $522
Priceline: $552

Im sure the others were about the same... So my advice to all of you booking any kind of travel.. Go directly to the place ur booking and see what your best saving are.
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So my FN family lives in St. Pete, FL and since only half can make it up for our wedding we decided to spend half of our honeymoon with the fam and a few days by ourselves.

Everytime we go down for a visit we drive by the great PINK hotel called Doc Cesar. We always wanted to stay there so we thought it would be cool to stay there on our honeymoon.

THey have queen sized beach beds, ahh cant wait to lay in those bad boys and relax on the beach!

We will stay 3 days / 2 nights in a beachfroont room overlooking th gulf coast... Ahh sunset!!!!

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don cesar
So whats better way to include our last name and my culture into one cute favor.

My new last name with be "HEATH" just like the english chocolate candy bar :D and since i am croatian i decided to add a lil culture and include a croatian heart (licitarsko srce) (w.out the box). This will all be in a brown organza bag with a tag that says Thank You and our names and date :D... it will be infront of each plate on the table...

I have to give a special thanks to my best friend back home in Croatia who went and bought 120 croatian hearts and sent them to me... They are specially made for me :)

Still trying to figure out a way to include a lil note about the tradition in the bag so people will understand what it is? Im thinking of just printing a lil note and additing it to the bag.

What the tradition means:
By giving a licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart) to your loved ones, you pass on the warmth and love of the Croatian nation…
From ancient times, the original intention of licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart) was in giving it as a gift to your loved ones, whereby loved ones were given the warm and telling gift (licitarsko srce -licitar) on special occasions.

According to the tradition of giving licitarsko srce (traditional gingerbread heart), which has been retained to the present day, a young man expresses his love, attention and fancy for a girl in this way.
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