Jan 11, 2010

I know I want a pouf veil or a cathedral length one with many layers.
I'm 5 ft 9 and more or less a stick, but my dress gets pretty big, so i want one of those huge 'make the 80's brides cry tears of envy' veils :)

Curls do not suit me, I love them, but I just don't have the right face, the picture I posted is more or less what I do everyday. Would it be OK to do it for the wedding too? Or should I find something different? And how would the front poof thingy look with a veil?

(since I still don't have my usb, I found this one on facebook, but there was someone sticking their tongue out in front of my face, so it got cropped, haha)

Oh, I think I am leaning towards the main picture, but I love them all!
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I think this is my favourite
White Ask a Question hair, what do you think?
me, well part of me :P
stbmrslynn's Purple wedding
Dallas, TX, USA
This hairstyle is great with alittle more grooming and some hairspray it would be perfect for the weding especially with the poof thing in front. God Bless
hamptonsbabe's Orange wedding
Randolph, NJ, USA
I am with you. I like photo #1, which you can make it into the last photo if you want to put it up for the reception or vice versa.
purplenat1's Purple wedding
Lafayette, IN, USA
I think your everyday style would be great for the wedding, maybe with a bit more polish, and it would work really well with one of these huge veils too.

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