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I Went To Jared

I picked out fh wedding band months ago, and he keeps trying to wear it before October, lol. I'm not complaining because I'm happy he is ready to have it on everyday. He wanted something with bling, so this is simular to what I got.
jtherrie's Chocolate wedding
 |  Waterloo, ON, Canada  |  06/10/2010  | 
That is a very blingy ring for a man! Nice choice!
dahliadarling's Purple wedding
 |  Halifax, NS, Canada  |  06/10/2010  | 
Nice :)
alwayshis's Red wedding
 |  Saint charles, IL, USA  |  06/10/2010  | 
Very cool :)
summerbride2010's Black wedding
 |  Greensboro, NC, USA  |  06/10/2010  | 
that is pretty!  I got my FH something very similar to this picture also, expcept his diamonds go in an angle.  Very pretty!  and the crazy thing is...he didn't even want diamonds, but you know I had to "bling" him out!..LOL
's  wedding
 |  Tampa, FL, USA  |  06/10/2010  | 
My FH's band looks just like this.  Got it at Walmart for only $200!
's  wedding
 |  Decatur, AL, USA  |  06/16/2010  | 
I Love it! My FH also wants some bling on his ring.....
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I finally found my shoes and jewelry!!!!!
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