Mar 4, 2009

I want to buy matching jewelry sets for all 4 of my ladies, but I haven't been able to find anything that I like around here for a decent price, too!! I don't want to sound extremely cheap, but I'm only looking to spend $10-$15 per jewelry set (keep in mind our overall budget is only $6,000). So do any of you lovely ladies know where I can find cheap bridesmaid jewelry sets, either a certain website or maybe a specific store that I haven't thought of checking out yet?? Thank you ladies so much for all of your help!! ;-)
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here2help's Blue wedding
Mesa, AZ, USA
I'm MOH in a friends wedding, and she went to Icing by Claires to get ours. They were about $12 each and SO pretty!!! =]
ashleyelise17's Purple wedding
Austin, TX, USA
Check out my last post! There is a great ebay shop that has items just in your price range ! Good luck!
crystaljomo's Blue wedding
Neoga, IL, USA
Try, they usually have some cute sets for cheap.
's  wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Try my new online jewelry store!

Everything is under $30.

Lots of pearls, silver, seaglass...

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