Dec 3, 2008

So I'm pretty sure I'm not the only bride on here with a fiance who's a mechanic or who has some other type of job that might get them pretty dirty and greasy!! Have you given any thought to it yet about how to cure your man's "mechanic hands" syndrome by the day of your wedding??!!

I brought this subject up to my fiance a couple of weeks ago and basically just said "You do realize that your hands are gonna need to look nice and clean for the wedding, right??!!" And he's just like "Oh ok...yeah I guess??!!"...kinda sounding a little confused!! So then I said "You know that everyone is gonna be looking at our hands right because they're gonna want to check out our rings!! And besides, some of my favorite shots for the photographer to take involve alot of close ups of our hands!!" And so he's just like "Oh ok..." lol!! So of course I asked him how he planned on making sure that his hands didn't look like "mechanic hands" on the day of our wedding and of course he hadn't thought about all of this yet, but just basically said that it's not like he could just stop working, right??!! No of course not...especially not now with the way the economy is these days and trying to pay for half of the wedding ourselves and then of course just trying to get by on a daily basis too!! So no of course he can't stop working just to make his hands look clean lol...but I suggested that maybe he could at least start wearing some mechanic gloves at least a month or so before the wedding and hopefully that would do the trick!! Well, the reason why he has "mechanic hands" to begin with is because he hates wearing the mechanic gloves and he says that it makes it hard for him to actually "feel" what he's doing while he's working!! Ok...well I can understand that point...but so he told me that he would only wear them if I bought them for him lol!! So of course I will since it's important for me to see that he has nice, clean hands on our wedding day, especially since some of my favorite shots would include both of our hands on the bouquet and cutting the cake, his hands around my waist, a close up of us exchanging our rings, etc.!! So he claims he'll wear them as long as I buy them for him, but I'm sure I'll have to get onto him about it everyday up until the day of the wedding lol!!

So do any of you ladies have a man with "mechanic hands" too, or a man who has some other type of job that would give him what I guess you could call "working man's hands"??!! Have you given any thought to it yet about how you'll get him to keep his hands nice and clean in time for your big day??!!
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amandog83's Pink wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
I have the same issue. I'm gonna get him to cover his hands with soap the month before. If you rub in dish soap with no water before work, it helps the grease not stick as bad. I'm also gonna make him have a manicure so he isn't looking so grubby :-) He wants to look clean for it, so he dosn't mind.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Might need to make a trip to gethim manicured up for that special day? That will work...
amyi444's Red wedding
Lavagna, Liguria, Italy
i don't have a problem with mechanic hands but my future husband is a nail biter... his nails look horrible (not to mention PAINFUL!!! he bites them to the wick!).  but honestly, it's just a part of him (he was a nail biter long before i ever met him) and i accept the fact that his hands just aren't going to be perfect on our wedding day. ;)  

p.s. what about latex gloves?  they are super thin (& disposable!) so he should be able to "feel" what he's doing while he's working.  just an idea... ;)
light1882's Orange wedding
Mission, KS, USA
My FH is in construction and his hand are usually quite dirty. Lava soap will take off almost everything. We keep that around and it's clean his hands up from everything he's come in contact with at work.
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
Thanks for some of your ideas ladies!!  As far as the manicure goes...yeah right!!  I don't ever seen that one happening fiance is too much of a "manly man"...or so he likes to think lol!!  And I'd just like to add it's not like he doesn't clean his hands everyday because he does use GoJo (the heavy duty cleanser/degreaser that's made specifically for mechanics lol), but he sits there and scrubs for like 5-10 mins. straight and all of the "surface dirt" comes off, but I think his hands might be permanently stained lol!!  He's been working on cars since he was 10 years old by just helping his dad and stuff, and so now it's pretty much the only thing he knows and loves to do and now he's 25...and I don't think he's ever worn gloves lol!!  I'm sure they aren't actually permanently long as if he would be able to keep them clean for long enough (maybe he should wear the gloves for at least 2 months now that I think more about it lol)!!
kristybeep's Green wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
Scrub his hands for him a couple of times a week the month Dad uses gojoe its  the best cleaner that I know of.... but buy some cheap facial apricot scrub and some palmers cocoa butter formula and fix him up every night! That would be relaxing and have him do the same for you!
bride2be82209's Pink wedding
Saint louis, MO, USA
I have the same issue but he's willing to do whatever. I told him he was going to get a manicure to get rid of all the dirt. But I'm pretty sure they sell bleach like stuff for your hand just for this kind of thing. I don't know...I guess we'll just see how the manicure goes and if we need something stronger we'll try and find something else! haha
mrsbaxter2be's Pink wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
My FH is a welder, so mechanic hands are an issue.  It is pretty much guaranteed that there will be some sort of cut/ burn or something else on his hands at any given time, as well as a mysterious layer of black stuff that just doesn't come off....
Keeping hands well moisturized helps prevent some of the crud from sinking in, and using a nail brush with a gritty scrub helps, but I have come to terms with the fact that they are not going to be perfect. Part of me thinks it will make for a unique hands photo, because of the contrast of his strong weathered hands against my small manicured ones.
I am working on convincing him to do a spa morning ( massage and male mani) the morning of the wedding. He is into the massage.......
sparx1278's Black wedding
Bethlehem, GA, USA
Thats so funny! I deal with it on a daily basis. My future hubby works for BMW and has horrible hands also. I hate for him to get into bed dirty... and I know hes clean after a shower but his hands are awful. I take a fingernail scrub brush on a weekly basis and make hime wear gloves when he can. But he also will be getting a manicure just before the wedding... a piece of advice though. Dont let them buff his nails... because they dont want them to be as shiney as yours!
's  wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
I like what kristybeep says.  He just may go for some of these treatments if you do it yourself.  If you give him a hand massage and rub in the cocoa butter, for instance, he may be persuaded to take part.

I don't particularly have any plans for my FH's hands other than lots and lots of that horrible orange pastey-like degreaser.  I don't know what it's called, it could very well be GoJo in the States.  I've just heard it called "orange stuff".

But, I must say, even though future Hubby is a mechanic and a marine engineer, his hands are pretty smooth.  I'm pretty lucky.
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
Columbia, MD, USA
haha yes! He's not a mechanic, but he's a plumber and all the stuff he uses makes his hands a mess and his nails! Yuck, I was just telling him yesterday that he WILL get a manicure. He was okay with it because he knows that this will be the only time I'll make him get one, haha.
's  wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
Warm Lemon juice soak and Sugar scrub.You need something with a little abrasive nature to get deep down gunk. I agree a tip to the manicurist wouldn't hurt.
's  wedding
Eight mile, AL, USA
I am already married, but was reading through your site after I found your post about House of Brides. My husband does yard work, and occasionally had to work on the lawn equipment. Bottom line, if it wasn't dirt, his hands were greasy...and vice versa. He uses gasoline to clean his hands. It smells horribly, but you can wash the smell off. It takes the grease and dirt right off. Give it a hubby's hand were beautifully spotless - and all without a manicure - on the day of our wedding. Best wishes!
newfoundlandbride's Blue wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
I have not even thought about this! My fh is a carpenter, and he come home everyday with dirty hands, right in his finger

I think I am going to take him to the spa for a manicure before the big day, I think he will love being pampered, and they will get him clean!
crazychyc's Chocolate wedding
Woodstock, VA, USA
My hubby used to work as a mechanic and I will tell you something that works to get off all the gunk...have him put soap and sugar or salt on his hands and have him rub it in really reallly well! The sugar or salt acts as an abrasive agent and gets in all the little crannys! doesn't stink as much as that lava soap stuff..or gasoline! haha...hope this helps!
mrsatwater's Blue wedding
Bloomington, IL, USA
My FH is a diesel technician: he works on semis all day. I have absolutely no problem with him having "dirty" hands. We had our engagement pictures taken and his hands were stained with dirt, oil, and grease. The picture with our hands together is one of my favorite. It is exactly who we are and represents our lives beyond just being a couple. My FH works for a living and it shows! Why would I want to hide that, I'm so proud of him. Maybe its not all about being "perfect" on your wedding day, but rather being who you are.
's  wedding
Dallas, TX, USA
's  wedding
Fort worth, TX, USA
coat hands with vaseline just after a shower and wipe excess off, or leave it on and wear some cotton gloves to bed or use socks if you dont have gloves.
I also stumbled onto a product called man-o which looks pretty promising but haven't tried it yet. Here's the link if links are allowed here, if not I guess it will get deleted but you can just google it.

Anyhow, I love working on cars but can't stand the filthy hand look that comes with the job and no matter how hard you scrub they still look filthy.  Hope this helps.

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