May 4, 2009

Hey Ladies...I'm super excited about the purchases that I made today!! Like most brides out there, I was really struggling with the thought of having to spend $20 per table just to RENT table linens!! I could understand maybe if you have to pay $20 upfront, but as long as you returned them in good condition then maybe you could get at least $5-$10 back for each linen or something like that...and then if they were stained or ripped, then the rental company would keep all of the money. If only things worked that way, then maybe I could understand paying $20 each, but not if ALL of that money goes completely down the drain just in order to use their table linens for one night!!

So I began exploring cheap places to actually BUY table linens and I had narrowed it down to and At first, I was actually planning on buying the majority of our linens from cause most of their items are on sale right now...and then the only things I couldn't order from them were the satin turquoise chair sashes and table runners that I wanted because they didn't have them in turquoise, so I was gonna just order those from Grand total if I ordered the items that we needed from each of these companies would've been $925.59. Well, then I discovered the link to the wholesale discount coupon codes on you spend $1,000, you get an 8% discount. It might not sound like much of a discount, but I decided that if I ordered everything from them and got all of our linens from one place, then I was actually able to get one extra 8' rectangular table linen, an extra table runner, and an extra chair cover, and this helped me get to $1,008, so after the discount my grand total came to $927.55!!! So for only $2 more, I was able to get 3 extra items and also all of my items will come from the same I'm guessing it'll be better and less hectic that way!!

So here's what I ordered:

11 - 90" x 156" rectangular table linens in white (8' floor length) = $19.99 each

4 - 90" x 132" rectangular table linens in white (6' floor length) = $15.99 each

8 - 136" round table linens in white (6' round floor length) = $17.99 each

5 - 108" round table linens in white (4' round floor length) = $13.99 each

116 - White folding chair covers = $2.99 each

120 - Turquoise satin chair sashes = $0.99 each (I got a few extra for some other things besides just using them for the chairs)

15 - Turquoise table runners = $2.99 each

The GRAND TOTAL was $927.55 (after the 8% discount)...which included FREE ground shipping, and I was able to get an extra 8' rectangular table linen, an extra table runner, and an extra chair cover for only $2 more than if I had ordered from the 2 separate companies!! So yes I LOVE!!! I'll post up pics as soon as they arrive...and just so all you lovely brides know...YES these linens will all be going up for sale the day after our wedding lol!!! ;-)

Just to compare...for the exact same quantities of all of these items that I just ordered, if I had actually rented the exact same things from the local wedding rental place (there's only 1 in our area!) then the total would've come to $1,063...and that's without the 15 table runners that I ordered because they don't rent table runners!!! So you do the math...I'm extremely happy that I decided to BUY our table linens instead of renting them!!! And of course WBC brides will get the first dibs on buying any of these items after our wedding is over!!! ;-)
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Turquoise Chair Sashes
Folding Chair Covers
Rectangular Table Linens
Round Table Linens
Turquoise Table Runners
mauibride's Black wedding
Honolulu, HI, USA
i love them to, i got all my sahes and table runners from them
youandmetimes2's Pink wedding
San rafael, CA, USA
Thats good. I ordered mine from 25  90" x 156 for 399.00 they were 15.40 each because I ordered so many and I napkins to. I will be ordering my chair covers from tableclothfactory because the other store dont have my size.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
I bought mines too. It made better sense in doing it that way. Luckily our venue has the chairs already, but in future purchases to complete my upcoming business???I need those chairs...good deal!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Excuse me...chair covers not chairs...
's  wedding
Silver spring, MD, USA
I am thinking about ordering from Can anyone please let me know how long did it take for the order to arrive.
's  wedding
Pam Means
Peoria, AZ, USA
I ordered 70 tablecloths for our church.   Fast delivery and they laundered great.   There are no seams on the tablecloths.
they are a quality product.
's  wedding
Silver spring, MD, USA
Thanks for all the info. I feel comfortable in placing my order no.
's  wedding
Corona, CA, USA
there are better prices at
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
Jolanta - this site is for brides ONLY...sorry no vendors!!  Yes I see that your prices are slightly lower...but you don't have turquoise satin table runners or chair sashes, and I wanted to order ALL of my linens from one place!!  Like I said in my post, had cheaper prices too (similar to yours, which by the way is only a few cents cheaper than what I paid)...but I decided not to order from them even though they were cheaper for the exact same reason because they didn't have the table runners or sashes that I needed!!  In the end, I was able to get absolutely everything I needed from one company...and I actually got 3 extra items beyond what I really needed just to get me over $1,000 so I could get my 8% I'm sure in the end it was still cheaper from AND they had the colors I needed and everything!!  4 out of 5 of my boxes arrived within 1 week and the 5th box just arrived last week, but that's because they always seem to run out of the 136" round table linens (obviously they're in high demand)!!  So to any of the BRIDES out there reading this post (not vendors!!), I would still HIGHLY recommend ordering any of the linens you might need from!!! ;-)
ladytruth20's Yellow wedding
Newport news, VA, USA
Hi, how long did it take to arrive? I went online and ordered them with 3 day express shipping, but then i recieved a call from ( different company)  she said that they are located in china and i will not get them this week as promised. But when i contacted they said my order is fine and they are located in Cali. I'm so confused . I will be calling in am for more info
's  wedding
Baton rouge, LA, USA
Can anyone tell me what shipping and handling cost were?
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
Hi Linda!!  If you place an order of at least $150 or more, then you get FREE ground shipping, which is really awesome since it took 5 different boxes for them to send me my entire order (and they were anywhere from 20 lbs. all the way up to 50 lbs. each)!!  If you need express shipping, then obviously this could end up getting very pricey, so I would recommend to make sure you order all of your items at least 1-2 months in advance of your wedding or event.  Most of my boxes arrived within 1-2 weeks using the free ground shipping, but my last box was something that they had on backorder, so obviously that took a bit longer, but still I think it only took about a month total.  The other boxes came really fast in my opinion since the shipping was FREE, so I would just recommend allowing plenty of time and not waiting til the last minute to place your order!!
's  wedding
Clarksville, TN, USA
I am a manager at a bridal store in TN and one of my bosses is a wedding coordinator. She had one of her brides purchase her tablecloths from this wonderful site and after wards she sold them to the next bride she was working with, getting a great deal for both the current and previous bride. So a great thing about purchasing  would be to find a new coordinator a possibly one that doesnt have he won stock to sell to. this way not only do you help another woman make her day possible and affordable, you can also make your money back to help start your new life.
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
You're absolutely right about that...I was able to buy ALL of our linens from this company for $927, which was still an amazing deal in my opinion because it was actually cheaper than renting the same exact items...BUT I owned them!!!  Then, I was able to turn around and sell ALL of them to one bride for $675 (cause I really didn't want to split the items up, and then get stuck with something).  So in the end only about $250 actually came out of my pocket...not to mention it was an AMAZING deal for the bride who bought them all from me, so it was definitely a win win situation for BOTH of us!!  My ordering experience was so amazing with this company, that when the company I work for said they needed to order some table linens for our upcoming Christmas party and also just to have around in case we need them from time to time, I suggested we order from (since I'm in HR) and that's exactly what we did...and my boss said "WOW, I wasn't expecting the prices to end up being soo cheap!!"  So I'll give a huge pat on the back to myself, cause I just can't believe something from the whole wedding planning process and all of my research (which I did a TON of research on linen companies before actually buying anything) would actually come in handy for my job, too lol!!! ;-)
's  wedding
Jackson, MS, USA
hello not sure when your wedding was or is. but wanted to know if you are interested in selling your linens if you are done with them.  if so please email me at thanks
's  wedding
Manchester, NH, USA
Please let me know if you still have your linens for sale. Thanks!!
's  wedding
Cheryl Anne
Rockaway, NJ, USA
I am looking for David's Bridal Pool Blue color Satin overlays. Has anyone ordered something from this company that is close in this color?? I am afraid the color won't match when I receive them.

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