May 28, 2009

Hey ladies!! All of our table (and chair) linens have arrived from and they are absolutely gorgeous and very high quality too!! Here's a list of everything we ordered:

11 - 90" x 156" rectangular table linens in white (8' floor length) = $19.99 each

4 - 90" x 132" rectangular table linens in white (6' floor length) = $15.99 each

8 - 136" round table linens in white (6' round floor length) = $17.99 each

5 - 108" round table linens in white (4' round floor length) = $13.99 each

116 - White folding chair covers = $2.99 each

120 - Turquoise satin chair sashes = $0.99 each (I got a few extra for some other things besides just using them for the chairs)

15 - Turquoise table runners = $2.99 each

The GRAND TOTAL was $927.55 (after an 8% discount)...and this included FREE ground shipping!! I ordered soo many things that they had to ship them to me in 5 separate boxes...the heaviest one was 50 LBS. (that was the 116 chair covers)!!!! Most of them were still at least 30-40 lbs. lol...our spare bedroom is full of boxes with linens in them right now lol!!

Anyways, so now onto my dilemma...all of the linens have a ton of creases in them and they're very wrinkled since they were folded up so much to be shipped to me and at first I was planning on getting them pressed, but after calling around I'm a little shocked by how much it's gonna cost!! They said for the biggest table cloths (which would be the 8' rectangular ones and the 6' round ones) it costs $7.28 per table linen (times 19 of the biggest sized ones). Then for medium sized ones like the 6' rectangular ones, it'll cost $6.55 each, but I only have 4 at that size. And then for the smallest ones (the 4' round ones, which I have 5 of those) it'll cost $ all in all I'm calculating about $190-ish and that's not including tax...WOW!! I would've never thought it would be so expensive to get linens pressed...and that's definitely not including the 116 chair covers (which are very wrinkled too cause they had each one folded down to the size of a napkin)!!!

So now I've been researching stuff online about how to take care of 100% polyester linens and I've read some good tips about being able to just use your own dryer at home to get the wrinkles just have to keep it on a lower temp., only spin 1 or 2 linens at a time and for only about 15-20 mins. total, and then take them out immediately and hang them up (basically don't let them sit still in the dryer). But that'll be pretty time consuming and then I'd have to buy some heavy duty linen hangers from the dry cleaners cause these babies aren't lightweight since they're restaurant style quality. My other option would be to buy a fabric steam cleaner and use it on them the day of the wedding after we put all the linens on the tables at our venue...but I'm sure that would take FOREVER too!! Does anyone have any experience using one of those steam cleaners?? How time consuming is it and how effective are they?? You can get one for like $35 or so from Wal-Mart, so that's not too bad...but I don't have time to be steam cleaning these linens ALL day long when I need to be doing other things to get ready on the day of our wedding!!

I love these linens, don't get me wrong and I think they were definitely worth the money, especially compared to how much it would've cost us just to rent the same sizes and quantities from this local rental company, only just to use them for one was like almost $1,100 and that wasn't including chair sashes or table runners!! So I'm very happy with my purchases and I'm glad that I'll be able to turn around and sell everything once our wedding is over and at least get a little bit of our money back...BUT man I think these babies are gonna give me a lot of headaches in the meantime trying to figure out what to do about these wrinkles and how to get them out for as cheap as possible!! Any suggestions ladies??!!

*BTW...I only took out one chair cover just to give you an idea of how they look, but hopefully later on I'll have more pics of all my other items. And sorry the chair cover doesn't look quite right, but that's cause we don't have a folding chair, so it didn't really fit onto our kitchen chair properly cause the back of the chair is kinda rounded!!
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Chair Cover with Sash 1
Chair Cover with Sash 2
Chair Cover with Sash 3 - no flash
Chair Cover with Sash 4
Fabric Steamer
futuremrscarrejola's Purple wedding
Brampton, ON, Canada
i have a steamer and it works really well but it is quite a time consuming process.  is there any way you can have your bridesmaids/family help you a couple days before with the steamer and ask one of them to take care of it for you and lay them all out over top of a bed or table where they won't get wrinkled and then transport them carefully the your reception venue that day?  just an idea. hope this helps :)
pinkg21's Blue wedding
Lakeland, FL, USA
For my aunt wedding we rented steamers and made a day of "getting the wrinkles out" That may be your only option besides paying a company!
pinkg21's Blue wedding
Lakeland, FL, USA
also after your wedding will you be selling these?
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
These are quite lovely! Dealing with the wrinkle free, there is no win in this situation. Not unless you presteam these the week off and hang on a nicely covered towelled hanger. BUT they have to hang, not fold or lay on top of each other. Don't even worry about it. After our function this past Saturday, no one paid attention to our wrinkled overlays, tablecloths or chair covers. The illusion of just walking in in AWWW is the perfect tone for this question. Wrinkles is minor...Don't worry about it, not unless you hang them after pre-steaming them. Focus your energy on other things. Trust me?  

Thanks for the comment on the Coffee and Tea Station. It was so cool! A MUST HAVE! I'm still hearing words on this one! Thanks for the 10 year address also. Rod appreciates it. LOL So do I...Good luck im2babyblue4u! Any other questions, just ask.

Budget Queen
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Heather Hill
Austin, TX, USA
Have you found someone to buy your chair sashes or table runners?  I am very interested in them for my own wedding next March!  Email me prices at

tonyandcindy1818's  wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
do you still have the white lines for sale?
denisha's Blue wedding
Mccomb, MS, USA
please contact me if you have not sold your linens
stacielynn07's Blue wedding
Copperas cove, TX, USA
Do you have anything left over? if so can you email me at
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Shawnee, KS, USA
This is why you rent.

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